CVMinder ATS Supports Caterer 1-Click Apply

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We’re pleased to tell you that CVMinder ATS now supports Caterer 1-Click Apply. That’s good news, because The Caterer is the job board of choice according to many catering & hospitality companies.

Caterer 1-Click Apply summarised

One-Click Apply is a quick and easy option for Caterer applicants.  It delivers their CV, letter of introduction and other documents to an agent or employer at the click of a button. They can side-step the usual form filling and CV uploads normally required by employers and Applicant Tracking Systems.

GDPR and 1-Click Apply

When thinking about our approach to 1-Click Apply, the upcoming change to Data Protection Regulation was a key consideration. GDPR will be in force by May 2018 and it requires employers to manage personal data with greater care and transparency.

New GDPR obligations test the concept of 1-Click Apply because applicants won’t deliver their own personal data to CVMinder by hand. Instead, with 1-Click Apply, a CVMinder account is created for each applicant automatically. To ensure GDPR compliance, CVMinder ATS allows 1-Click applicants to access their data and update it. Data processing becomes transparent via a fully functional CVMinder account. Applicants can monitor their application status, change their documents, withdraw consent and so much more.

New applicant console coming soon

By the way, look out for news of a completely new CVMinder Console coming to all applicants very soon.  A new, more elegant and responsive console will make it easier to complete longer and more complex applications on any device.

Thanks to The Caterer

Thanks to the Caterer team for their excellent and professional assistance with this development. There are always technical challenges when integrating two systems, but they made it easy for us.

Find out more about CVMinder

Contact us now to find out about CVMinder ATS and why it’s the easiest Applicant Tracking System available. CVMinder is perfect for Hospitality, Care, Education and other sectors.

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