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ATS Interview Management

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We are pleased to announce an update to CVMinder ATS interview management. Candidates can now confirm or decline interviews electronically. The best Applicant Tracking System just keeps on getting better.

Candidate Interviews

Over recent months, candidate behaviour appears to have changed. HR representatives face an increase in the number of no-shows. This even includes candidates who confirmed their attendance on the day of their interview.

We have spoken with HR representatives in numerous organisations, some using Applicant Tracking Systems and others not. The experience is consistent, so we can eliminate technology as a potential obstacle.

We reviewed some candidate psychology and we concluded that some people just can’t say no! Whilst HR leaders would prefer candidates to be direct and honest, people seem unable to decline an interview. We believe that showing interest by applying for a job puts the weight of expectation on the candidate. Surely they should agree to an interview if they applied for the vacancy, right?

What we do know that that setting aside the time for the interviews can be challenging and no-shows is often the cause of friction between recruitment and line managers.

Interview Management

Turning to CVMinder ATS, we reviewed the process of scheduling interviews and introduced a new step for candidates. When CVMinder ATS users schedule and notify any candidate of an interview, that candidate can respond electronically. They do this in their personal account or confirm the interview via a click-link in the notification email. Details of any scheduled interview remains available to the candidate in their account.

We believe that people who aren’t going to attend an interview will be more tempted to decline the interview electronically than via more personal means.

Our users can find a new Interview Notification template in their Templates section.

Interview Notifications

Our CVMinder ATS customers confirm interviews with candidates by email, phone or other means. Users can update any interview status and the change will be reflected in the candidate’s CVMinder account. Mark an interview as accepted or declined to notify the candidate accordingly. If the candidate accepts or declines an interview, the employer receives an alert. The status of the interview is also updated automatically.

Candidates can also request to reschedule a proposed interview.


Our goal is to help customers improve interview management as part of their recruitment management operation.  We hope our users are delighted with the new features.

Our customers agree that CVMinder ATS is the best ATS for Education, Care and Hospitality employers. Our Ambassadors have given great guidance on this new feature and we want to thank our Care Providers customers in particular.


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