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If you are based in Kent and you want to advertise your current vacancies, try KentJobs ( – The Numbers

KentJobs is delivered by the KM Media Group and, at the time of writing, it lists over 10,000 live vacancies. Construction and Building Services contribute the highest number of vacancies, but over 600 education vacancies are also listed. Schools and Colleges shouldn’t overlook KentJobs when they next next advertise teacher or support vacancies. By comparison, Jobs in Kent from JIK Group, lists fewer than 200 jobs in education.

The most popular Kent advertising option for Care Providers remains Jobs in Kent. It list almost 400 vacancies, beating KentJobs with fewer than 30.

Why KentJobs?

A Kent College recently asked us to integrate CVMinder ATS with KentJobs. We couldn’t refuse, because we want to maintain CVMinder’s position as the best Applicant Tracking System for education. It takes time to upload jobs to and recruiting faster is a key CVMinder ATS benefit. Completing this work made sense, because we upload education vacancies to other boards like Jobs in Kent, AoC, eTeach and FEJobs.

For every employer

Not only do Schools and Colleges benefit from KentJobs uploads. CVMinder ATS makes it easy for education and any other employer to post vacancies to a range of job boards, your website(s) and social media accounts. CVMinder ATS is an award winning Applicant Tracking System that speeds up recruitment and saves costs. We have customers in Care, Hospitality and Not for Profit too.

Employers can pay less for their advertising when they use CVMinder ATS. Free-to-post options include Google for Jobs, Indeed, GOV Find a Job and more. If you recruit apprentices, CVMinder ATS also integrates with Apprentice Kent, a dedicated apprenticeship board from Kent County Council.

Construction and Building Services

If you are in Construction and Building Services and you are based in Kent, we want to hear from you. CVMinder ATS makes internal recruitment work, so call 01634 202 101 and quote CVMKentCBS for discounts and free delivery. This is a limited offer and conditions apply.

CVMinder ATS

CVMinder ATS is deigned, delivered and supported by XperiSoft Limited. We are based in Kent and we go that extra mile for our local customers. CVMinder ATS was awarded best value Applicant Tracking System and Best Support in 2017 by Capterra, part of the Gartner Group.

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