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We’re delighted to announce that our customers can start posting to Google for Jobs after completing successful tests.  CVMinder ATS customers can benefit immediately from this addition.  That includes customers of our low-cost, entry-level Applicant Tracking System, CVMinder eATS.

What is Google for Jobs?

Many of our customers are aware that Google has made its move on the recruitment sector. It has released a mobile-friendly job search engine for everybody and jobs can be published to it from most job boards.  We say published, but we really mean offered for collection by Google, because that’s how it actually works.

Is Google for Jobs useful?

Definitely! If you are performing a Google search and type “care jobs’ or “teacher jobs”, Google for Jobs should be obvious in the search results.  As Google owns the most widely used search engine, it’s hard to see how it won’t win in the job search space.

Google for Jobs is pretty simple to use. Its search function is fast, easy to use and location-aware. That means that job-seekers should find jobs nearby more quickly than specifying locations on some job boards. It also lists lots of jobs. That’s because the Job Boards are busy delivering all of their customer jobs to Google for Jobs.

Google for Jobs posting by CVMinder ATS

How does CVMinder post jobs to Google for Jobs?

Our customers know that we upload jobs to Indeed, Adzuna, JobRapido, GOV Find a Job and a number of the subscription job boards.  Posting to Google for Jobs will work in the same way for CVMinder ATS users. We want you to be in control with your favourite Applicant Tracking System, so we give you the option of which jobs to post.

Users create rules in CVMinder. Your rules govern which jobs become available to Google.

Does it cost anything?

All of our CVMinder ATS customers can access Google for Jobs without additional charge. Just contact your Account Director or CVMinder Support if you would like some help with setting things up.

When will CVMinder HUB customers be able to post jobs to Google for Jobs?

Very soon! Our HUB customers release employer apprenticeships and seek out the best learners for their employer customer. Whilst one or two CVMinder HUB customers are happy to advertise the identity of the employer, others are less keen. That is because some training providers forage for new clients by checking on the apprenticeship vacancies advertised by others. It’s a competitive business.

In tests, we noticed that Google is pretty clever! If the address details of the employer are too obvious, Google will present a map with a pin, naming that employer. If the address details are too vague, the job might not gain visibility on Google for Jobs.  As soon as we have the balance and controls in place, we’ll release Google for Jobs to our CVMinder HUB customers.

We will be refining our delivery over the coming weeks for both ATS and HUB customers. Google is very fussy and we can’t tell it what to do. For instance, we want to ensure that your logo appears on the Google for Jobs listing. We present your logo with a ‘pretty please’ but Google does like to go away and think about it. It will check its own references on your logo and may take its time to accept the version we offer.

Stay tuned for future updates.

Big thanks to our Ambassadors

Our ideas and development really do rely upon the commitment and support of our Ambassador customers. We want to say a big thank you to all of you for supporting this development and, in particular, we want to thank Demelza Hospice Care for ChildrenThe Kent Autistic Trust and Strode Park Foundation for allowing us to post one or two their jobs on Google for Jobs during tests.

CVMinder ATS was awarded Best Value ATS 2017 by Capterra. It is the best Applicant Tracking System for Care organisations, Schools and Colleges. It helps to advertise your vacancies and manage the whole recruitment process. CVMinder ATS supports your CQC, Ofsted and safeguarding obligations in a central, easy to use recruitment system. Contact us to find out more.


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