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We are delighted to announce the release of the updated CVMinder Candidate Console. It’s faster, more mobile friendly and more functional than ever.

GDPR and Personal Information

CVMinder users have always valued our commitment to security and transparency. Your personal information has only been used for its intended purpose and only the intended employer has ever had access to it. That aside, we were frustrated by some limitations to the visibility and self-service of personal information, so we worked to address that.

Under upcoming General Data Protection Regulation, self-service access to personal information is a key best practice requirement. We have just strengthened the CVMinder Candidate Console so that you can review and edit of all of the information you committed during any application. I line with GDPR requirements, reviewing terms, withdrawing consent and much more is also available.

Making Applications Easier

The key improvements to the CVMinder Candidate Console all concentrate upon making applications easier. With simple branding of each employer and signs that make obvious anything that’s incomplete, candidates should find everything easier. After all, CVMinder is dedicated to making recruiting easier for everyone.

Coming Up with CVMinder

The new CVMinder Candidate Console will be followed up with an imminent incremental update. This will offer employers the option of acquiring both employment and work history electronically. Presently, this information is captured in supplementary documents based upon Microsoft Word or similar. Some candidates have told us that downloading and returning these documents can be awkward for them, so we wanted to relieve the issue altogether.

We hope you like the new Console. Give us your feedback and any thoughts on what would make it even more simple. We here to listen and to help.


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