Care Recruitment in Crisis

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Care recruitment is in crisis across the UK. Many Care Providers are underfunded and a shortage of carers means that some could go out of business.

At the start of 2017 the Office for National Statistics (ONS) evidenced that 15% of all UK vacancies were in the health and social care sectors.  The Guardian reported that some nursing  and care homes were closing because of unfilled vacancies. Robert Ross, chair of trustees for Donisthorpe Hall, pointed out that using expensive, short-term agency staff to shore up care recruitment made the issue worse.

Skills for Care say as many as 90,000 care vacancies are open across England at any time. Under pressure, what have HR heads been doing to tackle their care recruitment problems?

The online trend for care recruitment

After completing some research, Scottish Care noted a shift in job advertising habits between 2015 and 2017. In 2015, the press and Job Centres were favoured options. By 2017, online advertising became more popular.  There is good evidence that more Care companies now advertise their own vacancies on job boards and their websites. This appears to be an attempt to move away from filling care vacancies via agents.

Recruiting in-house to save recruitment fees is highly desirable for Care Providers. An important additional benefit is that many applicants feel happier to apply directly, rather than via an agent. Internal recruitment can save money and help candidates to apply, but taking care recruitment in house is challenging:

o Extra time is required to advertise vacancies and communicate with applicants.
o Direct adverting can be costly.

HR Heads also acknowledge other issues when taking their care recruitment in house:

o Where to advertise vacancies at low or no cost and still get results
o How to reduce the administration time of internal recruitment

Add to this the time and control issues of:

o Managing a shared inbox for applications.
o Distributing personal information by email.
o Using Excel control sheets to manage the recruitment process.
o Ensuring the the full completion and recording of employment checks.

Care Providers recognise that this doesn’t add up to a safe and efficient recruitment system. They often want to manage care recruitment on a budget and with existing staff.  That demands a low-cost, purpose-built solution.

Care recruitment made easy

CVMinder ATS helps Care Providers to successfully recruit for themselves so that they can reduce recruitment budgets. This is a low cost, award-winning Applicant Tracking System to manage the process of advertisement to hire. Compliance included and it makes the whole recruitment process fast, secure and professional.

o Post and update your vacancies onto your website automatically.
o Post automatically to free resources like Google for Jobs, GOV Find a Job and Indeed.
o Control flexible, branded applications to collect all the information you need.
o Share and review applicants online so you can avoid email distribution.
o Communicate with applicants quickly using your own personalised templates.
o Implement safer recruitment compliance without effort.

Some outstanding Care Providers use the award-winning CVMinder ATS. Our Ambassador customers help to make in-house recruitment easy and compliant for care providers, both big and small.

Kent Autistic Trust

“… amazing product and service … easy to use … any question asked is answered and dealt with almost straight away … would highly recommend


“… significantly reduced the amount of time … improved the candidate experience … self-explanatory, even for the non-technologically minded … would have no hesitation in recommending the system

We have options for small and large Care Providers. If you want to find out how others have transformed the way they recruit, just give us a call.  Alternatively, check out why CVMinder ATS is the best Applicant Tracking System for Care Providers.

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