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The new CVMinder Candidate Console has been available for a few weeks and has received some great reviews. However, there’s always room for improvement and we’ve been working on it.

Unanticipated Behaviour

The CVMinder support team analysed all of the applicant support calls and identified some unanticipated behaviour. This included:

  • Completing work history and education history in account settings, but not in the job application section of the Console.
  • Leaving CVMinder open on a mobile device. This resulted in the re-submission of some information each time the browser opened. Infrequently, this led to some duplication of candidate answers on job questions, for instance.
  • Failing to open an application for review and edit, as presented on the home page.
  • Failing to identify the Back button throughout the system.
  • Committing an application prior to completing it.

Making it Easier

Over the past few days we have strengthened the Candidate Console to address each of these issues and we will continue to review user behaviour for any further weaknesses.  As we discover any, you can be sure that we will improve the way the system works. After all, we want every applicant to have the easiest possible experience.

Don’t forget that we support all of our customers and their applicants, so if anyone experiences an issue or needs advice, we’re here to help.

We want to thank all of our customers for their support and we welcome continued feedback as we continue to build the easiest Applicant Tracking System available.


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