Flexible ATS Shortlisting

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Some of our ATS customers wish to share the shortlisting and scoring of applicants as it makes for fairer recruitment.

Multi-Score shortlisting is now available in CVMinder ATS. Support for fair recruitment has always been strength of CVMinder ATS. Users have long benefited from a reliable scoring scheme that is simple to use and fully auditable.

To make sure that the Multi-Score solution would suit our education and care customers, we worked closely with our Ambassador customers, including Demelza and EKC Group. They helped us to specify the easiest, most flexible and most robust approach to scoring.

We considered numerous use cases, including:

  • Blind and open scoring options
  • Intervention by central Recruitment / HR in the case of a scorer absence
  • Changing the ownership of scores throughout shortlisting

We wish to thank Demelza and EKC Group for their assistance. The solution is a free addition for our Ambassador customers, so please contact your Account Manager for further information.  We’re here to help.


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