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Recruitment Compliance – Document Shredding

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According to our users, CVMinder ATS is the best Applicant Tracking System for Care, Hospitality, Education and other sectors. Recruitment advertising and candidate management are made easy and managing recruitment compliance is so simple.

On-Boarding Documents

Most CVMinder ATS customers store candidate documents when on-boarding new employees. Each document is uploaded to CVMinder against a user-specified Data Protection policy. Until now, this has prevented users from accessing documents after their Data Protection policy expires. That’s good because users already prevent access to outdated documents completely automatically.

Until now, however, documents have remained available in the CVMinder ATS system. Lengthening a policy has made some previously outdated documents visible again. This has been useful for some users on rare occasions when a particular policy was set for too short a period.

Better Recruitment Compliance

We are pleased to inform you that we have made HR document management even stronger. To help with recruitment compliance, outdated documents will be deleted automatically. CVMinder electronically shreds those documents so that you don’t have to.

This is great for recruitment compliance. Documents used to evidence right to work, residency, convictions and more can be very sensitive. Employers need them for a while, but should dispose of them after an appropriate period. CVMinder just made compliance with GDPR so much easier.

Do I have to change anything?

No. CVMinder makes it clear when each document will expire. Just upload them into the HR Docs facility for any candidate in the same way as before.

To give users time to check their policies, we’re adding a grace period to document deletion. This started at 1 year and will continually reduce over the coming weeks until there is no grace period.

Many thanks to our Ambassador users for contributing their thoughts to this CVMinder addition. It’s great to have such excellent input from our product champions.


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