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This is a note to CVMinder ATS users who post their jobs to Gumtree.

The Gumtree Change

In a recent change, Gumtree abandoned its own jobs posting technology and partnered with Madgex. Madgex is a provider of job board technologies for the job board community. It powers other job boards such as the Association of Colleges and LeisureJobs. Gumtree will continue to use its own posting technology for clothing, furniture and everything else.

Gumtree, part of the ebay group of companies, failed to inform us of this upcoming and critical change. Unfortunately, we discovered this only after the Magdex job board went live and Gumtree retired its previous technology. To be fair, we have received a huge apology from Gumtree, but we had to quickly set to work to rectify the position.

Integrating with Gumtree

Integrating with another Madgex Job Board was only a small challenge for the technical team at XperiSoft. However the translations of our customer jobs to a new job taxonomy required many man hours of labour. You may know that when CVMinder posts a job to Gumtree, or any other job board, it makes things very easy for you. One key advantage is that CVMinder automatically selects the right job id for your posting. Whether you post a Sous Chef, full-time Carer or Key Stage 1 Teacher, CVMinder will post it under the right ID.

Gumtree Multipost Status

We have finished the translations and tested many of our customer jobs. We’re pleased to announce that the new Gumtree version of CVMinder Multipost is now live. Please feel free to post jobs to Gumtree once again.

Thanks to CVMinder ATS Users

We want to thank Madgex staff for their assistance and for their commitment to update us ahead of any future changes.

Thanks also to our fabulous tech team for getting through this alongside all of our other commitments.

Finally, our biggest thanks must go to our users. You have been very patient whilst we have been responding to this unforeseen change. We recognise that not being able to post job to Gumtree has been frustrating for some of you, so we really appreciate your understanding.

Find Out More

Call us to find out more about CVMinder ATS multipost. It’s the easiest Applicant Tracking System available and it posts jobs to Indeed, Monster, Reed, Jobs in Kent, eTeach and numerous others. It also won the Capterra awards for Best Value Applicant Tracking 2017 and Best Support 2017.

Please visit our product website or use the contact information on our contact page.

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