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The best Applicant Tracking for Care, Education, Hospitality and Not for Profit employers now comes with a handy Job Advert Analyser.

HR staff and internal recruiters strive to make job adverts work as hard as they can. They want maximum visibility with great search rankings, but achieving this requires cleanly adverts that are well structured.

Basic Rules for Successful Job Adverts

There are lots of elements to think about when writing a job advert. Here are just a few:

  • Avoid including foreign HTML structures, such as those found in Microsoft Word
    Advert can look much less appealing to the reader if fonts, paragraph structures and colours change erratically.
  • Avoid inclusion of email addresses and website URLs
    Job boards commonly don’t like email and website addresses in the body of adverts. For example, Indeed has been known to penalise adverts heavily that include them. Each job board prefers to track the number of applications. They can’t track applications if people email you or move to another website.
  • Mention the job title several times in your advert
    When searching for jobs, results can be influenced by your use of specific words and phrases. The more you mention a job title, the more likely it is that your advert will be appear in search results for that job title.
  • Make sure your advert is easy to read
    Jobseekers dislike walls of text. They like to scan adverts for important information so that they can qualify your vacancy quickly. Using bullets and titling is a great way of helping people to do that.
Job Analysis

CVMinder customers can access the Job Advert Analyser to checks for potential issues. It offers an overall score and highlights areas for attention with remedial advice.

The CVMinder Job Advert Analyser reviews points including:

  • The structure of the job title
  • Whether return documents have been added whilst collecting the same information electronically
  • Imported HTML codes from foreign products
  • The length of the advert
  • Use of bullets and numbering

We believe the CVMinder Job Advert Analyser is a great addition to CVMinder ATS and CVMinder HUB. This is the first release and more options may arrive over the coming months.

What is CVMinder ATS?

CVMinder ATS is an award winning Applicant Tracking System. It is low cost and perfect for Care, Education, Hospitality and Not for Profit employers.  If you want to know more about CVMinder ATS, then please contact us for further details.


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