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We are delighted to inform you that both CVMinder ATS and CVMinder HUB accept CVs in PDF format. The best Applicant Tracking System for Care, Education, Hospitality and Not for Profit just got more flexible.

Uploading PDF CVs

Candidates can now upload PDF CVs, just like Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) CVs. CVMinder supports the following file types:


PDF CV or Microsoft Word – Which is better?

Candidates are often advised to create a CV in a format for Job Boards and Applicant Tracking Systems. Microsoft Word format is advised, because this is the easiest electronic processing.

However, some people prefer to create PDF CVs because they prevent easy editing by others. PDFs also allow people to produce a more vibrant, colourful document. We have seen lots of good examples by Florists and Media Designers, for example, that include including beautiful portfolios.

Now, each employer or training provider can choose whether to accept PDF CVs in CVMinder. They can do this using their Job Frame settings.

Why didn’t we introduce PDFs sooner?

PDF processing is a little different to other document types. We needed to confident in CVMinder’s ability to check PDF contents before introducing this option. Now, CVMinder processes Microsoft Word documents and PDF documents in the same way. That means that automated relevancy checks and searches by skills are unaffected by the document type.

As an employer, will I see a difference?

You shouldn’t see any difference between candidates who uploaded a Microsoft Word CV and those using PDF CVs. They can both be found and processed in the same way.

Why choose NOT to accept a PDF CV?

Training providers use CVMinder HUB because it’s the best recruitment system for apprenticeships, work placements and other types of vacancy. When presenting applicant details to employers, they often remove personal details from the CV. This includes contact details, date of birth, etc. This is more difficult with PDF CVs, so they may choose not to accept them.

Further Information

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