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We’re pleased to inform our customers that CVMinder now supports responsive job frames.

Current CVMinder Job Frames

CVMinder job frames appear on websites plus employee and student portals. These are the frames in which your jobs are displayed and applications are supported. They were always quick to implement and offered some great styling options, including:

  • Buttons
  • Fonts
  • Colours

More people are using mobile devices than ever before, so more CVMinder customers are implementing mobile-friendly, responsive websites. As web browser dimensions change, people have come to expect that websites should resize and preposition all of the content. CVMinder job frames couldn’t do that … until just a few weeks ago.

Responsive Job Frames are Here

Responding to our customers, CVMinder now offers a responsive version of the same job frames you have today. Implementation takes just one change of setting plus the insertion of some new code onto your careers page(s). It all works, just like magic.

In addition to responsiveness, we have added some more formatting options for line spacing and character spacing. They help CVMinder to match the spacing of  your website text.

Beautifully flexible

CVMinder is the easiest Applicant Tracking System to implement and we have ensured that responsive frames are just as easy.

Typically a job frame may appear as a part of a page. In the following clip, the CVMinder Job Frame can be seen in the lower left portion of a careers page.

Kent Autistic Trust Job Application

Normal Page with Application Form










Once frames a re responsive, they can reorganise their content to suit the device and the browser’s view of the page.

Responsive Application Page











Don’t forget that each Job Frame can be styled independently so you can support multiple brands or split your vacancy types into different pages. CVMinder Job Frames may even spread across a number of different website domains.

Users already benefit from:

  • Banner / logo so that AdLinks show you organisation branding
  • Personalised fonts, colours and buttons so that you job frame looks good
  • Simple switches that change the information CVMinder collects during any application
  • Easy changes to public and private registration defaults so you can separate the general public and employees
  • Default dimensions so that they fit anywhere
  • Options for job search
  • Response text for events including no search results, denied applicants etc.

How to get responsive Job Frames

To get started, just contact us. We can talk you through the changes and take a look at your existing job frame. Your webmaster is the best person to chat to us and the change takes just a few minutes to complete.



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