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Why aren’t my jobs appearing on Indeed?

If you are asking “Why aren’t my jobs appearing on Indeed?”, this short blog should help. It includes the top reasons why jobs don’t appear on Indeed, plus a link to Indeed’s job posting guidelines.

Firstly, let’s understand that most job posting issues concern free job adverts delivered by an Applicant Tracking System. Fewer issues arise with adverts that you sponsor. Sponsoring adverts on Indeed works via a bidding process, similar to a pay-per-click scheme.

What is Indeed?

Indeed is the largest job board in the UK and it offers free job postings for employers. That is a valuable service, but it is important to obey Indeed’s​ ​job posting guidelines​, otherwise your jobs may not be visible to jobseekers.

In addition to free job advertising, you can sponsor your job adverts on Indeed. Sponsoring adverts will generally increase the number of jobseekers who see your advert in their job searches. Sponsoring job adverts can also overcome some of the visibility issues suffered by free job adverts, such as location blasting. Why? When you’re paying for advertising, Indeed can be more lenient.

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

It’s a recruitment system for employers. The Industry calls this type of product an Applicant Tracking System, hence the acronym ATS. An ATS helps companies to recruit staff for themselves. Some are designed to help employers recruit using just the employees they have and without dedicated recruiters. Used properly, an ATS saves lots of money on advertising and agency fees. An ATS also helps employers to manage and organise recruitment with much less effort so they hit their recruiting goals more easily.

Some recruitment systems like CVMinder ATS also have a MultiPost feature. MultiPost systems post your jobs to numerous job boards automatically, including Indeed.

Indeed Job Posting Guidelines

First and foremost, your jobs must adhere to Indeed’s  ​job posting guidelines.​ Indeed works hard to avoid quality issues and maximise the opportunity of presenting real,  relevant jobs to jobseekers. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with their educational materials.

Be aware that past job visibility does not guarantee future job visibility on Indeed. Critically, any job listing that could mislead the jobseeker, compromise their experience or fail to represent a “real” job may be removed from search results altogether. ​

It may sound harsh, but Indeed reserves the right to reject or remove any job or disable any Company’s account, for any or for no reason. Indeed is not obliged to give reasons why a job or a Company is removed. It just retains the right to remove any job, free or sponsored, should they feel that it’s in their own or their users’ interest to do so

The top 8 reasons why jobs don’t appear in Indeed search results

Now let’s get onto the main topic of answering your question: “Why aren’t my jobs appearing on Indeed?”. Here are the most common reasons:

1.  Indeed hasn’t received your jobs yet

Your ATS may have a MultiPost module that posts your jobs to Indeed. In this case, jobs are not delivered individually at the time you publish them on your ATS. Instead they are packaged up periodically and delivered to Indeed as a file of jobs. Indeed unpacks the jobs from the file and inspects each one for duplication and other issues. Subject to your jobs meeting Indeed’s quality standards, Indeed will publish them.

Indeed can take some time to to process your jobs and then make them available to jobseekers. Ask your ATS provider when they upload jobs to Indeed. As a rule of thumb you should add an hour to those times to calculate when your job(s) should become visible to jobseekers.

Let’s say that CVMinder ATS delivers jobs to Indeed at 11am and 6pm daily. It doesn’t deliver more frequently because Indeed delists your previously published jobs for up to 30 minutes upon each file delivery.

If you were to publish your job on CVMinder ATS at 9:30am, we can calculate when that job should become visible to jobseekers on Indeed.

  • You publish a job on CVMinder ATS at 9:30am
  • CVMinder ATS delivers that job to Indeed at 11am
  • Indeed should make that job visible to jobseekers by 12pm

To locate your jobs on Indeed, type the name of your company in quotations within Indeed’s job search. For instance, if your company name is ABC Care, type “ABC Care” in Indeed’s search.

You should also be able to see your jobs in your Indeed Employer Console, subject to completing a process that Indeed calls “claiming your source”. Claiming your source means that Indeed will identify your ATS-published jobs and make them available within your Indeed Console. You can then choose to sponsor any advert if you wish. Your Indeed Account Manager or Success Manager can help you with this.

2.  Your jobs are still being Quality reviewed

When first requesting free job listings with Indeed via your ATS, your adverts must pass a Quality Review. That review is completed by real people in the USA. None of your jobs will be visible to jobseekers until that Quality Review is complete and to Indeed’s satisfaction.

The process of review typically takes two or three business days. However, it may take longer depending upon their workload and any issues they may detect with your job adverts.

The good news is that the Quality Review process takes place just once. After successful review, your adverts should post without further delays.

This is subject to Indeed’s mission, which is to “Help People Get Jobs”. The jobseeker is central to that mission so Indeed’s Search Quality team and automated algorithms continuously review all jobs sent from all sources. That includes your jobs sent via any ATS, like CVMinder ATS for example.

3.  Violating the Indeed ​job posting guidelines

Indeed encourages you to ensure that your jobs adhere to Indeed’s posting guidelines and to accept guidance from the CVMinder Team.

4.  Locations
Location Too Wide

Indeed requires you to sponsor jobs that are are for larger geographic areas. For example, if you advertised a job for the location of Kent or England it would require sponsorship.

Define your locations carefully. For instance, Dartford or Bristol are allowable for a free job post. To help, your ATS may require you to specify a post code for each job. A post code defines a specific location for the job. However, you should ensure that the Town / City and post code collectively describe the same location. This can be confusing because county and city boundaries change. You could be mistaken for believing that Bromley remains part of Kent, when it is actually part of London. So a BR post code specified as Kent could result in in Indeed not listing your advert for jobseekers.

Location Blasting

Location blasting is defined as advertising the same role more than once, concurrently and in multiple locations of close proximity. Indeed considers location blasting an abuse of free job advertising and treats your adverts as duplicates. It can diminish them in search results or eliminate them altogether. Indeed’s detection of this activity can also result in the permanent suspension of your access to free job advertising.

5.  Duplicates

Although Indeed receives your jobs from an ATS and aggregates listings from by-hand advertising, alternative career pages, staffing agencies, job boards and other sources. This can result in unintended duplication. Duplicates identified by Indeed can diminish the visibility of adverts delivered by your ATS. Indeed does its best to favour the correct postings, but this can take time.

If you believe your jobs are being duplicated by a source outside of your control, speak with your Indeed Account Manager or reach out to Indeed here.

One duplication method you can avoid is posting your job via an ATS and then posting the same advert by hand on your Indeed account. This has an immediate and detrimental affect to to your ATS-posted advert.

6. Persistent Refreshing of Adverts

Indeed can detect persistent refreshing of free job adverts. By refresh, we mean expiring an advert then re-advertising the same vacancy on that same day. Indeed considers this an attempt to improve the search ranking of free job adverts and therefore an abuse of free job advertising.

You should avoid refreshing adverts within 30 days of initial listing for any free job advert. We advise that you give your advert a rest between advertising cycles. A rest period persuades Indeed that your advert is for a real job and may have had a recruiting outcome.

7. Mass Expiry

Indeed can detect mass expiry events. That is when a significant portion of your adverts expire at the same time.  Indeed treats this as an indication that you may have unnatural advertising cycles. They believe the practice is most commonly associated with persistent refreshing of job adverts. If an employers takes down every advert every Friday and then re-releases those adverts, these are mass expiration events followed by persistent refresh events.

Indeed is rightly looking for good behaviour and protecting against abuse of free job advertising. So, if an organisation is hiring 10 new staff members for different roles, how likely is it that each and every person would be hired to the same timetable? It is more natural to assume that the advertising cycles for each vacancy would differ.

8.  Indeed believes you are a recruitment company

Recruitment company vacancies may only become visible on Indeed if the job is sponsored. More information about Indeed’s policy can be found​ ​here.

Preserving your access to free job advertising with Indeed

We suggest that you should rarely rely upon free job advertising alone. Sponsoring adverts can help you to succeed against your hiring goals.  Indeed is a commercial company so try to remember that it can only offer you free job advertising if it remains profitable.

Balancing free and paid job advertising helps you to recruit successfully within budget. So, you should always work to preserve your access to free job advertising.

Indeed monitors job advertising with a suite of detection algorithms that seeks out abuse of free job postings. They can deny your future access to free job advertising. That can happen without notice and it is very difficult to recover the same benefit once lost. No ATS provider, including the CVMinder Team, has any jurisdiction in this regard. Even Indeed’s own Account Managers have little leverage over their Quality Team. That is regardless of customer size and past commercial relationship.

Sponsoring Adverts on Indeed

Sponsored adverts always appear higher in search results than free job listings. But, after claiming your source it’s easy to sponsor your adverts on Indeed. You have two options:

  1. Enable access to your ATS-delivered adverts within your Indeed Employer Console. Talk to your Indeed Account Manager about this. Once visible, you can sponsor any advert individually.
  2. Working with your Indeed Account Manager and / or Customer Success Manager. They can help you manage your budget. Flag which adverts should be included in any sponsored campaign within CVMinder ATS with agreed #hashtags.

We hope we have answered the question “Why aren’t my jobs appearing on Indeed?”. If you think there might be a different reason, please contact us and let us know your own experience.