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Employer Support

Welcome to CVMinder ATS and CVMinder HUB Support for Employers. Here you can find useful information to help you get the best from your system.

If you are a CVMinder Administrator and your question isn’t covered by our Support Pages, please contact CVMinder Support for direct assistance.

If you don’t know who your system Administrator is, please contact CVMinder Support.


The Basics

To sign into CVMinder you must have an Account. Ask your CVMinder Administrator for details.

When your account is ready, you should receive an email with your Company ID, Username and Password. When using these, your Company ID and Username are case insensitive. That means that mixing lowercase and uppercase characters is just fine.

The username BSmith is the same as username bSmiTH

The Company ID COMPANY0256x is the same as company0256X

Your password IS case sensitive and you should change it immediately after you have signed in for the first time.

You can sign in here: https://cvminder.com/recruiters

If you are Line Manager and you can’t see your jobs, it may be for one of a number of reasons:
  • No jobs have been published for you at this time.
  • Your CVMinder Administrator has not granted you access to the Advertisements function, usually available on the Home page.
    CVMinder Advertisements
  • Your Administrator has placed you in the wrong department or wrong area of your user structure.
Your CVMinder Administrator can review and correct any of these issues for you

You may be receiving alerts for new applicants. You have personal control over whether you receive these.

Go to My Account and select the Preferences tab. There you can control whether you receive alerts for new applications when you are an Advert:

  • Owner (the line manager responsible for the hire)
  • Contact (the HR or administrator contact for the job, usually with greater user privileges than than the Owner)

Your username is set by your CVMinder Administrator. Commonly, this reflects the username convention you use when accessing other systems in your organisation.

If you would like to change your Username, please contact your CVMinder Administrator.

The job owner is the generally the hiring manager. The contact is generally the HR person responsible for managing the recruitment process.

Only by allocating a vacancy to an owner will the job become visible to the correct person / people, depending upon your user structure.

For smaller organisations, the job owner and contact may be the same person. This is perfectly acceptable.

Your CVMinder Administrator can give you access to the Candidate Search function which is available from your Home Page. 

Search is very flexible and easy to use. Type what you are searching for, including

  • Full or partial name, e.g. Michael Foster or Mic Fost
  • Telephone number, e.g. 01634 202 101 or 01634202101
  • Town
  • Post Code, e.g. ME59FD or ME5 9FD or ME5
  • Email address
  • Skills

Combine search phrases by using commas. For example:

  • carer, autism 
  • teacher, physical education, secondary

Shortlisting Applicants

You may view applications in one of two alternative formats. One is a compressed view and the other presents all information in a full page mode, complete with any scoring options.

Most people prefer the more friendly, full page view of applications.

Expanded job applications Look for the blue arrow.

Within the compressed view, find the blue arrow at the top right corner of the application. Click it and if you prefer this view, select it as your preferred view.

Selecting full screen applications as your preferred view is easy. At the top right of the page, select “I prefer this view“.

In some cases, your CVMinder Administrator may have restricted your ability to score applicants until after the applicant has finished editing their application

In the Applicants tab of any advert, look out for the following icons:

Working on job application Candidate working on application.

Finished job application Candidate finished application.

Once the applicant has finished editing a job application, you should be able to score it.

In some cases, your CVMinder Administrator may have restricted your ability to shortlist applicants until after the applicant has finished editing their application.

In the Applicants tab of any advert, look out for the following icons:

Working on job application Candidate working on application.

Finished job application Candidate has finished editing application.

You may also be restricted from shortlisting an applicant until after their application has been scored.

Once the applicant has finished editing their application and you have completed any required scoring, you should be able to shortlist the applicant.

Your CVMinder Administrator may have chosen to introduce name blind recruitment. We call this anonymisation and it will affect the applicant names. 

The names will be made anonymous by synonym or by reference number until that applicant has been notified of the shortlisting  outcome. 

In this case, the applicant’s CV will also be made anonymous.

You CVMinder Administrator can give you permissions to email applicants directly from CVMinder.

When shortlisting applicants you may not have permission for the following options:

  • Shortlist and Notify
  • Reject and Notify
  • Withdraw and Notify
  • Email

If you believe that you should have these permissions, you should contact your CVMinder Administrator.

Your organisation has set a period of time within which each applicant must complete their job application. 

That could be the period up until your advert expires or it could be a fixed number of days. In some cases, your organisation might not allow any time for applicants to make changes to their job applications.

If you applicant runs out of time and wishes to modify their job application, just reset the date at the top of the application. It’s the one that says “Able to edit this application until …”.

After making a change, your applicant can edit their job application until midnight of that date.

Job Boards - ATS and HUB

CVMinder is integrated with a number of Job Boards so that you can upload your vacancies automatically. In most cases applicants will be redirected to apply directly on CVMinder.

Ask us about the numerous job boards we support, but they include:

  • Indeed
  • TotalJobs
  • Reed
  • Monster
  • CVLibrary

We also support some regional and sector specific job boards, including:

  • FEJobs for further education
  • AoC for Colleges
  • eTeach for education
  • carehome.co.uk for care jobs
  • Jobs in Kent for Kent regional jobs
  • Love Local for jobs in the South East
  • caterer.com for catering and hospitality
  • LeisureJobs for catering and hospitality

Ask your Account Manager for more details.

Setting up a new job board is very easy to complete. Your subscription job boards may require a username and password that is solely for the purpose of CVMinder integration. Some free to post job boards, such as Adzuna or Jobrapido do not require a username and password.

Before integrating with a job board for the first time, you should check whether:

  • CVMinder integrates with it and
  • Your organisation is licensed for that integration under the terms of your CVMinder Agreement. 

Contact us for help when setting up your favourite job board in CVMinder.

Your jobs may not be appearing on Indeed for a number of potential reasons. Indeed maintains strict guidelines to support job posting quality. They wish to ensure that the jobseeker is central to their delivery and improving their experience is Indeed’s key objective.

Please read Why aren’t my jobs appearing on Indeed? You’ll find guidance on the top 5 reasons why jobs don’t appear in Indeed search results.

The page also has links to Indeed’s posting guidelines, employer help centre and more.

It is mandatory to advertise all apprenticeships on the Recruit an Apprentice (RaP) website. CVMinder HUB can upload your vacancies for you. However, there are some strict rules for advertising vacancies.

  • Training Providers must have a valid relationship with the employer they serve.
  • You must specify the correct EDSURN for each  employer.
  • Your advert must be of sufficiently high quality to pass manual approval by RaP staff.

Manual approval of your advert by RaP staff can take some time. In some cases this has exceeded 2 weeks.

Check out How do I create a valid employer relationship on RaP?

If your jobs are not appearing on a job board, first check the Advert Log. You can find it in the Info tab of any advert. The Advert Log lists all posting attempts for the job board(s) you are connected to.

Click the hyperlinked name of the job board to view the electronic response for the posting attempt.

Your job might not be appearing for reasons that could include:

  • Job board was unavailable for some technical reason.
  • There is missing mandatory information.
  • The location presented on the job is unrecognised by the job board.
  • The username or password is incorrect.
  • The Job Board’s Advert Quality Standards have been breached.
  • Some job boards such as Indeed, Jobrapido and Adzuna receive jobs only periodically from CVMinder. It could take some time for them to appear.
  • Some job boards such as Recruit an Apprentice (RaP) subject each advert to manual quality checks prior to live publication. 
  • Some job boards deter certain vacancy types. For instance, Indeed presently restricts the upload of apprenticeships as they are delivered from RaP and it will try to avoid duplication of the same vacancy.

Contact us for support if you are unsure of the reason.

Yes! Indeed Apply is supported by CVMinder.  This allows applicants on Indeed to apply for your jobs without leaving Indeed. It can be quick and efficient for job seekers to do this and can lead to more applications.

For regulated employers, such as schools, colleges and social care companies, we have options to collect all of the information you require, including equal opportunities, criminal conviction declarations and so on. 

Click the link to find how to get your jobs on Indeed 

Some Job Boards support specific Job Categories and other selectors when posting a Job.

CVMinder takes care of selecting categories for you automatically. 

Note: The key fields of your advert that influence the chosen category or categories are:

  • Advert Title
  • Job Title
  • Industries

CVMinder will inform you which category or categories it has selected for each job board. This gives you the opportunity to change your advert before CVMinder posts it.

Google for Jobs aggregates vacancies from many sources, including CVMinder. It isn’t a classical Job Board because it doesn’t support user accounts and it doesn’t support a common application process. 

Google for Jobs displays vacancies and redirects applicants to the application process supported by your Applicant Tracking System, CVMinder ATS or CVMinder HUB.

If you have configured Google for Jobs in your Job Board settings, CVMinder will inform Google immediately of any new vacancy and any changes to those vacancies.

Follow this process when advertising for a new employer for the first time:

  1. Create the Employer Company and Employer Contact records for your new employer on CVMinder.
  2. Create your advert on CVMinder and release it. Use the Skip Posting option to avoid posting your advert to RaP.
  3. Open the Advert tab of your live advert and take a copy of the AdLink.
  4. Create the same advert on RaP by hand. Choose the option to ‘Apply on employer website‘ and insert the AdLink from your CVMinder Advert.
  5. Make a note of the EDSURN for the employer, as provided by RaP.
  6. Open the Employer Company record and insert the correct employer EDSURN in the EDSURN field.

Your first advert for your new employer customer is ready for review by RaP employees.

You may now upload all future vacancies for the same employer to RaP directly from CVMinder.

Best ATS Multipost for Catering and Hospitality

Applicant Journey

Application Form changes can be made quickly and have an immediate affect on all future applications.

Change the general application requirements in the Frame Setup section of your Group Settings. Alter requirements for all jobs posted to any Job Frame, such as:

  • Personal statement
  • CV
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Criminal Convictions
  • Driving License information
  • Referee declaration

Select some of your information requirements on a job by job basis, including:

  • Specific questions
  • Full Work History
  • Education History
  • Additional documents required

If you require assistance when adjusting your Application Form, please contact Support.

We support you applicants when they have an issue. Issues vary, but here are some that we have handled:

  • Applicant opens a CVMinder account with an email address that doesn’t exist.
  • Applicant claims not to have received their Welcome to CVMinder email.
  • Applicant cannot open one of your documents.
  • Applicant wants to start their application again.

If you applicant needs help, just have them contact us by telephone or email.

Yes! Adding video to your Application form is easy. Access your Document Library and select the Video section. 

Your video should be publicly available on either YouTube or Vimeo. Make sure you know the public hyperlinks for any videos you would like to add. 

After adding a video to your library, your adverts will offer a video list for selection.

Note: Videos are displayed on CVMinder AdLinks only. They are not uploaded to job boards and not visible in your CVMinder Job Frames.

Tip: Change your application preferences to redirect to the AdLink when somebody applies for a vacancy. 

Yes! Kitemarks are symbols of achievement. Your organisation may be recognised by an awarding body and you might wish to display the appropriate Kitemark on your adverts.

Kitemarks are selected in your Job Frame Settings. If you can’t find your Kitemark(s), please ask CVMinder Support for assistance.

Note: Kitemarks are displayed on CVMinder AdLinks only. They are not uploaded to job boards and not visible in your CVMinder Job Frames.


Yes! CVMinder supports each type of email you would like to send, such as:

  • Shortlist and Reject notifications
  • Interview invitations
  • Offers of employment

CVMinder HUB customers can also send emails to the employers they work with.

Create personalised email templates in the Templates  section of CVMinder. Use the handy drop-in fields so that you can speed up all of your communications.

Yes! CVMinder supports integration with your own Microsoft Exchange server.

Each organisation may have a single email server for its employees. In this case, set up integration once and set communication preferences for each user individually.

Here’s a short explainer video for CVMinder Administrators.

Yes! By default, replies to your emails will arrive in your own email account, such as name@mycompany.com. This is the email account specified in your CVMinder user account.

If you would like replies to your emails to return to a shared email account:

o Go to My Account from the Home screen.

o In the Preferences tab, change your ‘Reply To’ email address to your shared email account, such as hr@mycompany.com