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Applicant Support

Welcome to CVMinder Support for Applicants. Here you can find useful information to help make your experience as successful as possible.

If you have questions that aren’t covered by our Support Pages, please contact us for direct assistance.

Applicant Support for CVMinder

Getting Started

If you haven’t used CVMinder before, you’re in great hands. Employers have chosen CVMinder to manage their job applications because it protects your personal information and enables the employer to share only select details between elected staff. CVMinder helps employers to manage recruitment fairly and ensure that the best candidates are selected to work for them.

You can create an account in one of three ways:

o Registering for an account on the website of an employer that uses CVMinder.

o Applying for a job advertised by any employer that uses CVMinder.

o Applying for a job advertised on Indeed when the employer is using both CVMinder and Indeed Apply for easy application support.

You cannot create a CVMinder account on the CVMinder website.

Sign into CVMinder at https://cvminder.com/candidates

You will need the following to sign in successfully:

  • Your registered email address
  • Your CVMinder password

Your registered email address and password are those you opened your CVMinder account with.

If you no longer have access to your email address, please contact CVMinder Support by telephone. After an identity check, we can change that for you.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept change requests from unregistered email addresses. This is to protect your personal information.

If you can’t access CVMinder please make sure that your internet connection is available and that you can access other websites.

If you are confident that you do have access to the internet but you cannot reach https://cvminder.com then please contact CVMinder Support.

If you haven’t received your Welcome to CVMinder email, please check your online junk / online spam folder. If you find it there, declare it as ‘not spam‘ and move it to your inbox before taking any further action.

The method for declaring email as safe or not spam varies by email service provider. Commonly you can right-click the email in your spam / junk folder list to reveal a menu. You can the select the appropriate option.

It is important that your email service trusts email from cvminder.com as you may receive further emails from an employer regarding your application.

CVMinder emails are usually within just a few seconds. However, your own email service may delay onward delivery to you.

If your email has not arrived within 20 minutes, please contact CVMinder Support for further assistance.

At time of first registration or application, you should receive a PIN to unlock your account. Your PIN is for one-time use and helps us to validate that you own the email address you registered with. After successfully using your PIN to unlock your CVMinder account, you can discard it. From now on you can sign into CVMinder with just your email address and password. NOTE: Your password was specified by you at the time of registration.

Account Changes

Changing your email address is easy.

If you have forgotten your password, request a reminder here.

Your CVMinder Account was registered to your chosen email address. If you can no longer access your email account that won;t prevent you from signing into CVMinder, but you should sign in and change your email address immediately.

If you have forgotten your CVMinder password, contact us for support by telephone so that we can take some security details and change your registered email address for you.

Please Do Not:

  • Send us an email request from an email account we do not recognise as yours. We will be unable to process your request.
  • Create a second CVMinder Account. Your attempt will be detected and prevented by CVMinder.

To close your CVMinder Account:

  1. Sign into your CVMinder account.
  2. Select ‘My Account’
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Close Account option.

The CVMinder Support Team will receive and action your request within 3 working days. You will be notified by email once this is complete.

We may contact you prior to carrying out your request should we identify one of a number of conditions, including:

  1. Potential account tampering
  2. Closure immediately following an application

NOTE: Do not close your Account as a method for abandoning one application prior to applying for the same vacancy with a new account. CVMinder will recognise and prohibit this approach. If you wish to alter your application and you are unable to do so, please contact Support for assistance.

Job Applications

You can upload your CV to CVMinder in a number of widely accepted formats. Please make sure that your CV is in one of the following:

o .DOC (Microsoft Word)

o .DOCX (Microsoft Word)

o .PDF (Adobe)

o .ODT (Open Document Type)

o .TXT (Plain Text)

o  RTF (Rich Text Format)

Your CV must also be no more than 1MB in size.

We do our best to ensure that CVMinder works on any device and with any Web Browser. However, in some cases your choice of Web browser may prevent uploading a document.

Most commonly you are using an older Apple device, such as an iPhone or iPad and you are not using Safari web browser.

Some Apple devices support upload of only Music and Photographs from from your device using Web Browsers such as Google Chrome. This is a known limitation of some Apple devices.

Tip: Make sure that your Safari Browser is updated and use this browser when completing an Application. It should support access to your iCloud documents, from which you may be able to select your CV. 

If this does not resolve your issue, please contact Support.

Some employers issue documents as part of their job description. Some of these give you additional information and some must be completed and returned as part of your application.

Completed documents may be returned within the Documents section of your application. Just choose the completed document you wish to upload.

IMPORTANT: Before selecting your document for upload, please make sure it is CLOSED. 

Note: Most web browsers offer a browse button so that you can locate your completed document. 

Note: Some browsers support access to your cloud documents. 

Note: make sure that your document is of a type that can be accepted for upload. Typically, .doc and .docx files may be uploaded without issue. In some cases, employers may support PDF document uploads. Make sure that documents do not breach any stated size limits.

If you still have an issue, please contact Support for assistance.

It may take some time for the employer to review your application. They can update you as they complete shortlisting, arrange interview dates, make offers of employment and more.

If you do not have access to your email, employer messages are also available in your CVMinder Account.

If you have any queries about the status of your application, you should contact employer concerned.

To complete your Job Application, sign into your CVMinder account at https://cvminder.com/applicants

Your home page displays all of the vacancies you have applied for ready for you to select one.

If you have applied for just one vacancy, all of its sections and your completion levels are displayed for your convenience.

Access each section to review and edit it.

Note: The information you are required to submit as part of any application depends upon the employer. Some employers are regulated by an industry body such as the Care Quality Commission or Ofsted. These employers must demonstrate that they have collected all necessary information for safeguarding purposes.

At the time you start your application, you should be informed of the following:

  • Whether more information is required to complete your application.
  • How long you have remaining to complete your application.

Until you have completed your application you may withdraw it at any time.

Here to help you

Your CVMinder experience is important to us. We aim to resolve your enquiry as quickly as possible. We prioritise calls based upon issue severity and, for applicants, how much time remains before an application must be completed.

We are happy to receive comments about the quality of our service and are constantly looking at ways we can improve.

We thank you for your patience and consideration.


If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact the CVMinder Support Team by telephone:

Tel:  +44 (0) 1634 202 101


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