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Best ATS for In-House Recruitment

The best in-house recruitment system for HR, Internal Recruiters and Hiring Managers

CVMinder ATS is an in-house recruitment system, specifically designed for Human Resources (HR) and in-house recruiters.

For a small team or a larger, multi-branded corporate, CVMinder ATS makes in-house recruiting simple, safe and successful.

Share recruiting across your company with ease, accelerate your recruiting campaigns and enjoy greater success.

Is CVMinder ATS the best in-house recruitment system for employers? Let’s find out.

Perfect for HR staff who recruit as part of their job

Awesome for dedicated recruiters who know the ropes

Easy for hiring managers involved with selection

Invaluable for HR Compliance leaders who want fair recruitment

Advertise. Shortlist. Hire!
CVMinder ATS has you covered

It’s an Applicant Tracking System designed for employers of any size. Big on function, small on cost, our in-house recruitment system covers:

  • Advertising
  • Shortlisting
  • Interviews
  • Offers
  • Employment Checks

CVMinder ATS is the perfect in-house recruitment system for any sized employer. It helps small teams to recruit successfully and It helps bigger, multi-branded companies too.

Can an internal recruiting system work for any employer? Let’s find out.

Easy, automated job posting

Saving time for in-house recruitment teams

Start by creating your vacancy on CVMinder ATS.

  • Analyse adverts and optimise for success
  • Publish to your website, Indeed and other jobsites automatically
  • Sponsor your Indeed adverts via CVMinder ATS
  • Receive Indeed applications straight into CVMinder ATS

We teamed up with Indeed to give you and your applicants the best possible experience. Many Indeed candidates complete their job applications within their Indeed account. CVMinder collects them ready for review.

Job sponsoring is easy on Indeed too. To receive more quality applications, just tag any advert on CVMinder ATS. That allocates your advert it to an agreed budget. You’ll get maximum benefit because we don’t claim a penny.

Maximise your recruiting budget

We support other jobsites too, like TotalJobs, CVLibrary, Reed and talent.com.

  • Analyse your adverts to get tips for success
  • Automatically publish to multiple jobsites
  • Mix free-to-post and subscription options to maximise success rates.
  • Track applicant origin to discover which jobsites work best

CVMinder ATS makes it super easy to post your adverts and track which jobsites deliver the best results.

Flexible application forms

Simplified in-house recruiting with great data collection options

Gain supreme control over information collection. Modify your preferences for each vacancy, or go with your pre-set defaults.

For in-house recruiters who ask for more, CVMinder ATS helps you:

  • Include options like killer questions, education, equal opportunities, former names and referee details to make recruiting more robust.
  • Give people longer to complete larger applications.
  • Collect information in 3 stages to overcome application fatigue.

Application forms are easy with CVMinder ATS, the best recruitment system for in-house recruitment.

Solo or Shared Shortlisting

Easy sharing and shortlisting for In-house recruiters

This is solo or team shortlisting, organised just the way you want it.

Do you shortlist with or without scoring? Do line managers shortlist themselves, or do you shortlist for some or all of them? Does more than one person score applicants to relieve unconscious bias?

Whichever way you shortlist, CVMinder has you covered.

  • Optionally add weighted scoring to any vacancy
  • Manual or automatic applicant scoring
  • Auto flag non-compliant answers for faster manual rejection
  • Killer questions for automated rejection
  • Solo or team scoring to relieve bias
  • Optional name-blind recruiting
  • Controlled scorer access to sensitive data like disability, convictions, contact details and more

Secure interviews and offers

More efficient in-house recruitment

Take the guesswork out of interviews and offers.

  • Fast interview invitation with your own templates
  • Track confirmed interviews at the touch of a button
  • Review and manage offer acceptance for all starters
  • Receive notifications of accepted offers

In addition, your hiring managers can view their own upcoming interviews with status and offers with status. That means fewer calls to In-House Recruitment.

Employment checks

Safe, secure and complete in-house recruitment

Set up an employment checklist(s) for surefooted compliance

  • Create one or more checklists
  • Choose the right checklist for any starter
  • Monitor outstanding checks for all upcoming starters
  • Upload evidence, if required
  • Audit all completed checks
  • Add optional verification to any check
  • Produce an electronic copy for your HR files or systems

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General Q&A

What is an In-House Recruitment System?

An In-House Recruiting System is a recruitment software solution that works for employers rather than recruitment agents. Recruitment systems for agents major on CV collection, modification and distribution to employers. Employers prefer to receive and share more complete applications internally. They require features to safely share and progress applicants through their recruiting process.

What are the benefits of an In-House Recruitment System?

When recruiting for yourself you attract applicants directly. When agents finds good candidates, they circulate details to numerous employers. This benefits the revenue-focussed agent, but creates unwanted and unseen competition for you. Managing your own recruitment without an In-House Recruitment system is time-consuming and prone to applicant loss or attrition. Spreadsheets and email communication are replaced by automation, logical organisation of all vacancy/applicant details and natural support for managed team participation.

Job Publishing Q&A

What Jobsites does CVMinder ATS Support?

We support quite a few. Job boards can be considered as:

a. National generic, like Indeed and TotalJobs

b. Local generic, like Jobs in Kent

c. Industry specific and national, like LeisureJobs and eTeach

Evidence shows that internal recruiters increasingly use national generic and industry specific jobsites for local vacancies. Local jobsites just aren’t big enough to compete.

Equally, we review jobsites on their merit and by customer demand.

We presently support jobsites like Indeed, TotalJobs, CVLibrary, CWJobs, GOV Find a Job, Talent.com, Adzuna, Jobrapido, TES and others. Ask us if you have a specific requirement.

Can a single CVMinder ATS system support more than one company and brand?

Yes! If you are a multi-branded company, there are lots of options here. We can brand your individual adverts to display the correct logo, banner, company name, fonts and colours for each. You can also include the correct company name in your applicant messaging, fully automatically. We can even ensure that you use the correct job board accounts for any one of your brands. You just have to publish your vacancies. CVMinder ATS does the rest.

Can I publish jobs internally using CVMinder ATS?

Yes! We have widgets called Job Frames. They list your vacancies and support job applications. We have a special version that is private. These are unlike public Job Frames which make vacancies visible on your website(s) and also in the CVMinder accounts of previously registered applicants. Vacancies published on your private job frame(s) are only visible to your employees. Just include a Private Job Frame in a page of your employee portal (SharePoint or other) and you’ll be able to post your internal jobs without the world seeing them. You can also adjust the information you collect from internal applicants if you need to.

Shortlisting Q&A

Can Hiring Managers shortlist their own applicants?

Yes! You can permit individual hiring managers to review and shortlist their own applicants. You can also impose individual user controls to protect your recruiting process:

  • Restrict Line Manager access so that they view only the roles and applicants you allow
  • Optionally restrict access to sensitive information during shortlisting, like criminal convictions, disability and even applicant names and contact details.
  • Prevent Line Managers from emailing applicants.
  • Line Managers can alert you if they need help.