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Post Jobs for free on Google

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When recruitment budgets are under pressure, it’s time to look at job advertising costs. Now you can post jobs for free on Google for Jobs.

Google for Jobs is the new kid on the block. It isn’t a job board and you can’t post jobs by hand. So why are we talking about it? Because this is Google and you need to use it. Read on to find out how to post jobs for free on Google for Jobs.

What is Google for Jobs?

It’s a mobile-friendly job search engine for everybody. It collects jobs from everywhere and gives jobseekers a convenient, simple job search. But, it isn’t a job board.

You can only deliver jobs to Google electronically. Each job must contain structured data and link to an application process. Regular job boards and the best Applicant Tracking Systems have an application process embedded within them. They register new jobseekers and collect personal information via application forms. So, Job boards and the best Applicant Tracking Systems can deliver jobs to Google for Jobs.

Can your website post jobs to Google?

Yes it can. Most will require some bespoke development. That can be costly, but you could develop the required structured data and a mobile-friendly application form. You’ll also need some additional processes. They tell Google when your job is live and when it has expired. If not, you’ll have to wait until Google finds and indexes your jobs. It might never find them! If it does, you’ll be posting jobs for free on Google and that’s a win.

Is Google for Jobs useful?

Definitely! Do a Google search for “care jobs’ or “teacher jobs”. Jobs offered via Google for Jobs should be obvious in the search results.  It’s no surprise that a Google search finds jobs on Google!

Job searches are fast, easy to use and location-aware. That means that jobseekers should find nearby jobs more quickly. It also lists lots of jobs. That’s because the subscription Job Boards are busy posting all of their customer jobs to Google for Jobs.

Post jobs for free on Google for Jobs
What if you rely upon free job postings?

It’s time to consider an ATS. The best Applicant Tracking Systems can post your job on Google for Jobs plus other great free options. But, even though this is Google we’re talking about, you can arguably get more applicants with Indeed

Not only that, a great ATS will also bring your whole recruitment process into the 21st Century. An Applicant Tracking System can save lots of time and lots of money.

Want to know more?

Our customers tell us that CVMinder ATS is the best Applicant Tracking System for employers in Care, education, Hospitality and other markets.

CVMinder ATS manages the whole recruitment process, from advertising thru shortlisting, interview, offer and on-boarding. It’s low cost, easy to use and comes with outstanding support for you and your applicants. It can also post jobs for free on Google for Jobs. Contact us now to find out more.


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