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talent.com partners with CVMinder ATS

talent.com is building a head of steam in the UK. It’s a job board with some handy tools for applicants, including:

  • Salary comparison
  • Take home pay calculator

CVMinder ATS is now integrated with talent.com so that employers can advertise jobs for free. That’s great news for CVMinder ATS customers because budgets are always under pressure. Customers can track where applicants in CVMinder AYS and by demonstrating their value to UK employers, talent.com hopes that you may choose to sponsor some adverts to further improve results.

Here’s the talent.com announcement

We just want to say thanks to the talent.com team for making the integration easy to complete. We hope that our customers find it valuable.


The CVMinder Multipost module integrates with numerous useful job boards so that you can advertise your vacancies effortlessly. All applications appear in CVMinder ATS ready for shortlisting, interview management and more.

If you would like to find out more about our partnership with talent.com or more about CVMinder ATS, please contact us. We are here to help.

Free Job advertising with CVLibrary

Recruitment budgets are under pressure and many employers are keen to find free job advertising options that really do work. Maybe that’s because many HR heads have told us that paid job advertising hasn’t lived up to its promise.

Job boards are not wholly to blame for the success of any job advert. Employers could often take a little more time to understand How to write adverts that get more job applications.

That said, some employers have a golden touch. They have achieved great hiring results by selective use of free job advertising on job boards that work. The trick is to know when to switch up to a paid option without gambling your recruiting budget.

Indeed got there first

It is common knowledge that Indeed has been the market leader for free job advertising in the UK. You can advertise a job for free and pay to boost your advert if and when required. Successful free job advertising with Indeed takes away the uncertainty when you want to spend some money to improve results.

We do know that some of you have your views when it comes to Indeed. However, we should all be thankful that free job advertising has made Indeed a valuable enabler for the UK jobs market.

Here’s some great news; Now CVLibrary wants to do the same.

Free job advertising with CVLibrary

As one the the nations’s favourite job boards, CVLibrary has finally introduced a free job advertising option of its own. Employers must post their free job adverts via an integrated Applicant Tracking System (ATS). As a recognised CVLibrary partner, CVMinder ATS supports free job advertising on the CVLibrary job board network. That doesn’t include the CVLibrary main site, but does include all of its other job boards.

Why does CVLibrary offer free job advertising?

The CVLibrary team is certain that CVMinder ATS customers will receive high quality job applications from free job adverts. The number of applications will be limited, but should be enough to prove that CVLibrary is a great option for advertising Care, Education and many other types of vacancy.

What is CVLibrary?

CVLibrary is one of the most successful job boards in the UK. It covers most market sectors and owns a number other job boards too. Feedback from customers is pretty consistent. They tell us the CVLibrary team is smart, professional and very helpful.

Is posting free adverts to CVLibrary easy with CVMinder ATS?

The CVMinder MultiPost option makes job posting very easy. It uploads your adverts to CVLibrary with just one click. That means that you can advertise with CVLibrary with no additional cost and no additional effort.

CVMinder supports the CVLibrary Apply mechanism. That partly completes the CVMinder application form on behalf of the applicant. Applicants can then correct any personal information and complete any outstanding sections before submission.

Free job advertising on Monster

Free job advertising on Monster

There’s an old saying that if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not true. That’s unless we’re talking about free job advertising on Monster. The Monster Jobsite was one of the very first recruitment websites in the UK.  It has been a leader for years and is considered to be one of the pioneers of online recruitment.

Now CVMinder has teamed up with Monster to give you a free job advertising option. It’s true; your jobs can be advertised without paying a penny. 

What you need to have free job advertising on Monster

If you already use CVMinder ATS, contact your Account Manager to make sure your ATS subscription includes MultiPost. CVMinder’s MultiPost module advertises your jobs on select job boards for you. That includes free options like GOV Find a Job or Indeed and your subscription jobs boards like TotalJobs or CareHome.co.uk

If your CVMinder ATS subscription checks out, you’ll be good to go. We’ll set things up so that you can start advertising on Monster for free straight away.

Why will I get free jobs advertising on Monster?

That’s a great question. The job advertising market is changing and Indeed has been the the biggest jobsite for a number of years. Some say it has been so successful because it gives employers free job advertising.

If you ever purchased advertising options from a job board or jobsite, you’ll know that results are never guaranteed. It’s a gamble. However, if you are getting results from free adverts, you’re more likely to invest in that job board when the time is right. Lots of employers have been spending money with Indeed, so free job advertising must be good for business.

So, jobs boards like Monster are fighting back. Free job advertising is the name of the game and that’s great news for you.

Is there a downside to free job advertising on Monster?

No. There’s no downside, but your free job adverts won’t perform quite as well as paid or ‘sponsored’ adverts.

Free adverts are called organic job postings by Monster. Just as with Indeed, your free adverts will decline in search results more quickly than any sponsored adverts. Sponsoring means paying to make sure your job advert stays higher in jobseeker search results.

Your adverts won’t be branded either. Your company name will be visible and the advert looks great, but there will be no logo or other livery.

What happens when someone applies to my free Monster job advert?

So, CVMinder ATS has posted your free job advert on Monster. Somebody finds it and tries to apply for it. What happens next? The applicant will be redirected automatically to your application form on CVMinder.

Using CVMinder ATS you’ll have all the controls you need to collect the right information and process the applicant quickly and efficiently. That’s great for any organisation, but regulated employers like Care Providers and Schools collect lots of information. Don’t worry. We have you covered.

Tell me more about CVMinder MultiPost

There have been two barriers to using free job boards:

  • The time it takes to post your free job advert on each one
  • The quality of applicant you receive

CVMinder MultiPost saves you posting time. It connects your CVMinder system to your job boards and advertises your jobs automatically. The more job boards you use, the more time you save.

CVMinder ATS makes sure that applicant quality remains high. All applicants enter the application process you create. You can make applying super easy or you can increase the workload. We’ll help you find the right balance to encourage just the more motivated, higher quality applicants to apply for your job.

About CVMinder ATS

Customer agree that CVMinder ATS is the best Applicant Tracking System for employers like Care providers, Schools, Colleges, hospitality and other companies that want to recruit for themselves.

CVMinder is quick to set up, easy to use and gives an employer full recruitment control, from advertising and selection to interviews, offers and on-boarding.

Contact us for more information.

Free Job Posting Sites for Employers

Free job posting sites for Employers

Welcome to our series on making recruiting easy. We try to answer the most common questions from HR and internal recruiters. The series covers recruitment process, technology and regulation. Up next: free job posting sites for employers.

The great news is that free job posting sites / free job boards do exist. Employers can use them today, but the big question is whether free job advertising works. We take a look at which free job boards and job sites are best by comparing them.

We’ll be taking a look at the following free job posting sites and options:

How we compare free job boards

Free job adverts are a great way to save money, just so long as jobseekers can find them and apply for your jobs. To compare free job advertising options fairly, we used the same criteria for each one:

CriteriaMeasured As
DiscoveryAppearance in job search results
Job typesSupport for job types such as permanent, contract, etc.
VacanciesThe number of jobs advertised across the UK
Ease of usePosting and application process
Unique featuresAny that have merit

Discovery – finding a free job board in search results

Most jobseekers start with an in internet search, so that’s where we started. We tested whether each job board appeared in our search results.by using the same search terms on two popular search engines; Google and Bing. We checked the results to find out where each free job board appeared in the results. Our search terms included:

  • “Jobs”
  • “Recruiter jobs in London”
  • “HR Jobs”
  • “Care jobs”

During our tests, some job boards appeared only occasionally on page one of the results. That is because some were paying for visibility and clicks. For fairness we measured only natural search results and eliminated all paid results from our tests. That is because individual job board adverts may be short-lived or outcompeted over time.

GOV Find a Job

Universal JobMatch was updated in 2018 to become GOV Find a Job. It is one of the most widely used free job posting sites and it is used by employers and agents alike. GOV Find a Job is owned by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

A great feature of Find a Job is that every employer is approved by the DWP before their jobs can be made available in search results. That’s good news for an industry that suffers from a good deal of spam advertising.

GOV Find a Job is easy to use, well governed and allows employers to redirect applicants to their own application forms. It also supports automatic upload from a supporting Applicant Tracking System. It fares quit well in search results and has a significant number of job postings.

Google SearchFair
Bing Search Excellent
Job TypesFair
VacanciesGood (200,000 +)
Ease of UseGood
UniquesDisability Confident employers get kitemark


Indeed has remained one of the best free job posting sites for employers since it first came to market. It supports 2 types of job listing; organic and sponsored. The organic job postings are Indeed’s free option.

A free job posting on Indeed declines in search results more quickly than sponsored jobs postings. However, optimising adverts is a good way to gain quick wins from any free job posting. Employers get some great results and most have successfully recruited new employees using free adverts alone.

Indeed may be successful because it performs well in internet search results. Most jobseekers have heard of Indeed and many have used it for job searches.

Google SearchExcellent
Bing SearchExcellent
Job TypesExcellent
VacanciesExcellent (700,000 +)
Ease of UseGood

Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs is the newer kid on the block. We have included it in this review even though it isn’t a traditional job board. Other job boards allow employers to post and manage their adverts, but Google for Jobs is different.

Google collects jobs from lots of websites and aggregates them all in one, convenient online space for jobseekers. Each job on Google for Jobs must therefore exist elsewhere and it must conform to a set of rules. Those rules include the addition of structured data to the job and the inclusion of an application form.

The best Applicant Tracking Systems notify Google when a new job is advertised. That shortens the time it takes to place a free advert on Google for Jobs.

Google for Jobs is an increasingly important option for employers. It remains high on search results for jobseekers and it is mobile friendly. Whilst Bing users may not find Google for jobs easily, there are more Googlers than Bingers.

Google Search Excellent
Bing Search Poor
Job TypesGood
Ease of UseDetermined by destination URL
UniquesOwned by Google


Adzuna lets you post job adverts and receive applications for free. It also supports sponsored advertising. If you do sponsor your job adverts, Adzuna claims to publish them to over 100 job sites.

In our experience, Adzuna is a useful free advertising option, but applicant numbers can be low if you don’t pay to sponsor them. To their credit, Adzuna doesn’t try to hide this in any way. The benefit of posting might be small, but a suitable Applicant Tracking System (ATS) should post your vacancies to Adzuna automatically. If you have an ATS that posts to Adzuna you should use it. It takes no effort with an ATS and your next great hire could potentially come from Adzuna.

One point to note with Adzuna is that it may choose to upload your vacancies to LinkedIn. Depending upon the type of vacancy, this can prove valuable in attracting more applicants.

Google Search Fair
Bing Search Fair
Job TypesGood
Ease of UseEasy
UniquesPotential LinkedIn repost


LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft. Keep that in mind as you review the search results for Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, versus Google.

The LinkedIn job posting section operates on a pay per click (PPC) basis. Post your job for free then set a budget to stay in control of overall spend. However, you can post a direct link to your job in company pages or discussion forums. Posting in this way might not achieve the visibility of a formal LinkedIn job, but it’s free.

Our measure of Bing and Google search results reflect the formal job postings on LinkedIn. Search results don’t recognise posts on discussion forums.

Google Search Fair
Bing Search Excellent
Job TypesExcellent
VacanciesExcellent (700,000+)
Ease of UseEasy


talent.com is a useful and increasingly popular free job board option for employers. With millions of unique monthly visitors and options for sponsored and free job postings, it’s one to watch.

Google Search Poor
Bing Search Poor
Job TypesFair
Ease of UseGood

Your Website

Our website is our shop window. Using Google Console and Bing Webmaster helps to identify who visits, how long they stay, the pages they read and so on. With most of our focus on selling our products and services, it’s easy to forget that our website is a key resource for attracting new candidates too.

We should all have a careers section on our website that is easy to identify and access. Try to make sure that every job is current and that each one reflects just a single vacancy. The advert title “Carers required” is less trusted than “Carer” among jobseekers. Allow people to apply for your vacancies online and with any device. All of this is easily achieved with an Applicant Tracking System.

Social Media

Using Social Media is free and can be effective if you have active followers. Try to make sure that new vacancies are published with #job, #jobs, #hiring or similar. Offer a few lines about your vacancy and a link to a page with the full advert and an application form. Again, a good Applicant Tracking System should help you with this.


Each of the free job boards we reviewed has genuine merit. The consistent top pick is Indeed. It is prominent in search results when looking for jobs and Indeed’s free job posting option delivers results.

Posting your job adverts to all of the available free job boards is a worthwhile strategy. The issue for most employers is time.

You should also include Google for Jobs. However, free job advertising here is most easily accessed via an ATS. That is because Google for Jobs does not support posting free job adverts by hand.

It is easy and fast to Post your jobs everywhere with a multipost solution. MultiPost allows you to write an advert once then automatically post it to a number of sites, including free job boards. After all, your next great employee could come from a free job posting on any site that can be discovered by applicants. You won’t want to miss out.

Want to know more?

Customers agree that CVMinder ATS is the best Applicant Tracking System for saving time and reducing recruiting fees. With multipost included, you can reach further to recruit faster and smarter than your competitors. If you want to know more about CVMinder ATS or any of the free advertising options in this article, contact us now.

Post jobs for free on Universal JobMatch

Post jobs for free on GOV Find a Job

Universal Jobmatch was replaced by Find a Job during 2018. It is easier to use and could become one of the largest free job search services in the UK. Find a Job is delivered by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and operated by Adzuna.

Since the first edition of this post, the service has been extended to include apprenticeship vacancies. It’s a great supplement to the GOV Recruit and Apprentice service.

Disability Confident Employer

In addition, GOV Find a Job (Universal JobMatch) job posts have been extended. If you are a Disability Confident Employer, your adverts prominently display the scheme’s kitemark. That helps to set you apart from other employers who aren’t Disability Confident.

Job Posting Statistics

When we first published this post on 1st August 2018, there were a total of 179,498 live jobs on GOV Find a Job. On 3rd November 2019, there were 157,003 jobs.

Presently there is plenty of industry talk about recruiting plans being delayed across many industries. This could related to Brexit. However, changes could highlight a natural difference in recruitment cycles between August and November. 

To present some posting statistics, we’ve chosen jobs in the education, care and hospitality sectors. Sales and Project Manager jobs are included for comparison because they are common roles in other industries. The following table shows the number of live job postings on 2 dates, 15 months apart. Jobs marked in bold are showing an increase in the number of advertised vacancies.

Search Term

Care Assistant
Support Worker
Teaching Assistant
Home Manager
Teacher of English

Other Industry Jobs

Project Manager

Aug 2018



Nov 2019



The number of care jobs advertised on Find a Job has grown significantly. That bucks the trend for other industries. One explanation could be that care providers suffer big funding pressures and free job advertising is an increasingly attractive option.

Whatever the reason, perhaps other industries should follow suit. We can find no good argument to avoid free job advertising on GOV Find a Job.

Opening your GOV Find a Job account

Before you open an account, check whether your organisation is currently publishing vacancies on GOV Find a Job. Just type the name of your organisation in the search bar at https://findajob.dwp.gov.uk/

Opening an account with Find a Job is straightforward, but account activation can only begin after publishing your first vacancy. This can up to a couple of days to complete. The DWP must check that you are a valid employer and this check is good for the jobs market. Your vacancy will be available to jobseekers only after successful validation.

Make free job posting easy with an ATS

There are a number of websites and resources on which employers can post job adverts for free. GOV Find Job seems like a great choice, particularly for Care Providers.

Also consider Indeed, the most widely used Job Board, Google for Jobs, Adzuna and others. However, the time required to post jobs quickly mounts up.

An Applicant Tracking system with a MultiPost feature can post jobs for you to multiple job boards and other resources automatically. It can also make sure everyone follows the same process.

One of the past concerns when using Universal JobMatch was its reputation for poor candidate quality. An ATS redirects applicants to your application form and that dissuades those who are less motivated to apply.

Want to know more?

CVMinder ATS is a low cost Applicant Tracking System. It includes a MultiPost feature so you can post you jobs for free on GOV Find a Job and other job boards automatically. Benefit from more relevant job applications and faster, easier processing from advertising, thru shortlisting, interview, offer and on-boarding.

Care Providers get great benefits and reduce their recruitment costs with CVMinder ATS.

The Kent Autistic Trust

“Amazing product and service”

Canterbury Oast Trust

“Brilliant ATS”

Strode Park Foundation

“Everything we expected and more”

One Healthcare

“Extraordinary support”

Contact us to find out more or request a free demonstration.

Get more applications with Indeed Apply

More Applicants with Indeed Apply

Indeed claims that you’ll receive more applicants when using Indeed Apply. But, what is it and why is it useful?

What is Indeed Apply?

To make best use of Indeed Apply, you’ll need a good Applicant Tracking System. This flexible Indeed feature allows Indeed jobseekers to apply for your jobs without leaving their Indeed account. In short, your ATS should give your application form to Indeed so that applicants can complete it there.

By avoiding the jump to an external application form, a barrier is removed. Is it a significant one? Most agree that removing any barrier, no matter how big or small, is welcome. Others suggest that redirecting to their own application form presents an opportunity to reinforce the employer brand. They can do this with video, images and other useful information. Both have a point.

Is Indeed Apply just One-Click Apply by another name?

Thankfully, not. One-Click applications often meet groans of discontent from HR and Internal recruiters. Making a job application too easy invites thoughtless applications from the wrong jobseekers.

Indeed Apply allows the best Applicant Tracking Systems to collect all the information you need. Choices should include CV, personal statement, criminal convictions, equal opportunities, driving license information and more. This is not a one-click application because the jobseeker must complete everything before your ATS receives it.

Will we get more applications with Indeed Apply?

The most motivated jobseekers will jump through rings of fire to apply for your job. So, to answer this question, let’s focus on those who waiver.

Some employers in Hospitality, Leisure and other markets recruit lower skilled workers. They want their applications to be short and sweet. These types of job are perfect for Indeed Apply. Avoiding jumps to external forms removes a barrier and makes applying almost as quick as one-click. However, the best Applicant Tracking Systems, such as CVMinder ATS, collect applicant consent before receiving personal information.

Employers with safeguarding obligations, such as those in Care and Education, may see more moderate improvements. That said, a good Applicant Tracking System should help you to get the best results from Indeed Apply.

Now we focus on CVMinder ATS as a good choice when using Indeed Apply. It gives you options for the depth of information you wish to collect. We also offer some recommended for different scenarios.

Method 1: Indeed Apply Basic

‘Indeed Apply Basic’ captures only the essentials from any applicant. In most cases, you’ll receive only their name, email address, telephone number and CV. Indeed Apply Basic also captures the necessary consents for your receipt and processing of their information.

Each applicant gets an account and each is informed of any outstanding information. Applicants are also instructed on how much time remains to complete their application.

Method 2: Indeed Apply Partial

This is similar to ‘Indeed Apply Basic’, but requests Stage 1 information, as controlled by CVMinder ATS. Each application has 2 potential stages:

  1. The information you collect in your initial application form. It’s the same as the information you would collect using the traditional application approach via a URL.
  2. The information collected during a follow-on period. Applicants must access their CVMinder account to complete this information.

In summary, the information you currently request during Stage 1 is replicated on the Indeed platform.

Method 3: Indeed Apply Max

This is similar to the Indeed Apply Partial. However, Indeed Apply Max ignores the staging of the application. Instead applicants must give you all of the information you request during stages 1 and 2. Work History is acquired from the applicant’s structured CV, as created on Indeed. Unfortunately, gaps in work history are not yet detectable on Indeed. However, the candidate can access their account to complete these sections if required.

Some Indeed Scenarios

Here are some scenarios that might help you to decide which method suits you best.

Scenario 1: A Hospitality Company

A Hospitality company wants to make it easier for Indeed applicants to apply for its vacancies. You request a CV, Personal Statement and the answers to a few questions. All the information required can be requested in one stage.

Recommendation: The hospitality company should choose ‘Indeed Apply Partial’.

This will allow Indeed users to start and finish a full application without leaving their account. Their CV and personal statement is often prepared, leaving only your questions and consents to deal with.

Scenario 2: A Care Company

A Care company wants to increase the number of applications it receives from Indeed. The company collects comprehensive information from each applicant. However, it splits applications into 2 stages.

During Stage 1 the care company collects only a CV, personal statement, answers to specific questions, UK working status and disability information. As a Disability Confident employer the company likes to identify anyone declaring a disability early in the process.

Recommendation: The Care Company should choose ‘Indeed Apply Partial’.

Applicants can complete stage 1 of their application, including any disability declaration,  within Indeed. Each applicant is made aware that more information is required and instructed on how to complete their application.

Scenario 3: A College

A College is concerned about using Indeed because it wants only the most motivated  applicants to apply. As an Ofsted regulated employer, the College application form is comprehensive. It wants to maximise the application completion rate.

Recommendation: The College should use ‘Indeed Apply Max

Applicants can complete most of an application in their Indeed Account. Applicants have access to CVMinder to complete their Work History and Education History. Time invested in applications is higher, so applicants may be more motivated to complete them.

Scenario 4: An Internal Recruitment Department

An internal recruitment department wants to remove all barriers to the start of any application via Indeed. It is happy to contact applicants based upon a CV and statement before requesting the best of them to complete their application.

Recommendation: The internal recruitment department should use ‘Indeed Apply Basic

This method is almost frictionless, but allows the applicant to give consent prior to delivering their basic details. In most cases, details received will include:

  • CV
  • personal statement
  • name
  • email address and
  • telephone number

Want to know more?

Contact us now to find out more about Indeed Apply and how CVMinder ATS is making recruitment easy for HR teams and internal recruiters. Customer of CVMinder say that it’s the best Applicant Tracking System for Care, Education, Hospitality and employers in other markets. It’s low cost, easy to use and comes with excellent support for you and your candidates. It also support Indeed Apply. Contact us now to find out more.

Post Jobs to Google for Jobs

Post Jobs for free on Google

When recruitment budgets are under pressure, it’s time to look at job advertising costs. Now you can post jobs for free on Google for Jobs.

Google for Jobs is the new kid on the block. It isn’t a job board and you can’t post jobs by hand. So why are we talking about it? Because this is Google and you need to use it. Read on to find out how to post jobs for free on Google for Jobs.

What is Google for Jobs?

It’s a mobile-friendly job search engine for everybody. It collects jobs from everywhere and gives jobseekers a convenient, simple job search. But, it isn’t a job board.

You can only deliver jobs to Google electronically. Each job must contain structured data and link to an application process. Regular job boards and the best Applicant Tracking Systems have an application process embedded within them. They register new jobseekers and collect personal information via application forms. So, Job boards and the best Applicant Tracking Systems can deliver jobs to Google for Jobs.

Can your website post jobs to Google?

Yes it can. Most will require some bespoke development. That can be costly, but you could develop the required structured data and a mobile-friendly application form. You’ll also need some additional processes. They tell Google when your job is live and when it has expired. If not, you’ll have to wait until Google finds and indexes your jobs. It might never find them! If it does, you’ll be posting jobs for free on Google and that’s a win.

Is Google for Jobs useful?

Definitely! Do a Google search for “care jobs’ or “teacher jobs”. Jobs offered via Google for Jobs should be obvious in the search results.  It’s no surprise that a Google search finds jobs on Google!

Job searches are fast, easy to use and location-aware. That means that jobseekers should find nearby jobs more quickly. It also lists lots of jobs. That’s because the subscription Job Boards are busy posting all of their customer jobs to Google for Jobs.

Post jobs for free on Google for Jobs
What if you rely upon free job postings?

It’s time to consider an ATS. The best Applicant Tracking Systems can post your job on Google for Jobs plus other great free options. But, even though this is Google we’re talking about, you can arguably get more applicants with Indeed

Not only that, a great ATS will also bring your whole recruitment process into the 21st Century. An Applicant Tracking System can save lots of time and lots of money.

Want to know more?

Our customers tell us that CVMinder ATS is the best Applicant Tracking System for employers in Care, education, Hospitality and other markets.

CVMinder ATS manages the whole recruitment process, from advertising thru shortlisting, interview, offer and on-boarding. It’s low cost, easy to use and comes with outstanding support for you and your applicants. It can also post jobs for free on Google for Jobs. Contact us now to find out more.

Post jobs on Indeed automatically

How to post jobs on Indeed automatically

Indeed is presently the largest job site worldwide and employers tell us that it is one of the most important job boards for them. That’s why you should post your jobs on Indeed automatically.

Launched in 2004, it’s rare to find an employer that hasn’t used it. Perhaps this is because employers can still post jobs for free on Indeed. Indeed is a subsidiary of Japan’s Recruit Co. Ltd. and is co-headquartered in Austin, Texas. But, it has great UK coverage and an excellent support team based in Ireland.

Post Jobs to Indeed automatically

To post jobs to Indeed automatically, you’ll need an Applicant Tracking System. In June 2017, we included Indeed in the CVMinder ATS MultiPost module. That’s an ATS for employers with a module to post jobs to lots of job boards, your website and other locations. CVMinder posts your jobs to Indeed twice daily whilst they are live.  By default, applicants are redirected to an application URL for your job. We call that an Advert Link, or AdLink for short, and the application form has options to keep it short or collect lots of information.

More applications with Indeed Apply

During Q3 2019, we launched an upgrade to its Indeed integration. CVMinder ATS now supports Indeed Apply. Your application form is delivered from CVMinder ATS to Indeed so that applicants complete it there. That avoids redirecting the applicant and can increase the number of job applications you receive. To find out more, read how to get more applicants with Indeed Apply.

Post jobs for free on Indeed

If you are an employer, you can still post your jobs for free on Indeed. They call that organic search. These jobs have visibility for only short periods of time before they move down the search results. Make sure you optimise your adverts to get more job applications in that time.

Sponsoring adverts keeps them higher in the listings for the duration of sponsorship. This works on a pay-per-click style of charging. You set a budget and Indeed does the rest.

In the USA, recruitment companies must sponsor their adverts to gain visibility. Will that happen in the UK? Indeed’s change of focus towards supporting employers might give us a clue. We can’t say for sure, but recruitment companies should pay close attention to  their advertising strategy.

Want to know more?

CVMinder ATS is an award winning Applicant Tracking System. It manages recruitment for employers so that you pay less and achieve better outcomes. It also posts jobs to free jobs boards in addition to your subscription job sites.

To find out how CVMinder ATS can help you save money and get better recruitment results, contact us now for further details.

Post jobs to Apprentice Kent with ATS Multipost

Free apprenticeship advertising on Apprentice Kent

The case for Apprenticeships has been made. There were over 500,000 apprenticeship starters in 2015 / 16 and that number is expected to grow.

“The growth in apprenticeships is exciting”, comments David Knox Apprenticeship and Employer Engagement Officer for Kent County Council.

“There are more career choices and more qualification options than ever before”.

A growing number of apprentices want to work close to home, but local apprenticeships can be hard to find. David wants to help by bringing the apprentice closer to local apprenticeships. Offering free apprenticeship advertising is an essential part of his plan for growing the number of apprenticeship placements.

Apprentice Kent

KCC built a great new option for apprenticeships. They call it Apprentice Kent and it offers free advertising.  “We’re already developing inroads with employers, training providers and apprenticeship candidates”, says Daniel Ratcliff, KCC’s Employability Project Officer.

“Our first challenge was making it as easy to use as possible” says Daniel. “We knew that local Colleges were using CVMinder HUB to manage apprenticeship recruitment, so we got together to work out a solution. “

CVMinder HUB integrates with GOV Recruit an Apprentice. With expert knowledge, we helped KCC to understand the type of data they would require before defining an interface.

“Automatic posts to Apprentice Kent was essential, otherwise Training Providers might not use it at all”, comments Stuart Haddow, XperiSoft’s MD.  The admin overhead of posting every apprenticeship by hand would be too high. “Daniel has a great team and we successfully delivered the whole interface in double-quick time”.

Want to know more?

CVMinder HUB helps Training Providers to manage apprenticeships, work placements and other vacancies. Target the right candidates faster, receive more applications and manage everything in one, central recruitment system.  CVMinder HUB also has an employability module to help Training Providers improve learner outcomes.

To find out more about Apprentice Kent, please visit www.apprenticekent.co.uk or call 03000 414005.

To find out more about CVMinder HUB, please contact us now.

Advertise on jobrapido with MultiPost

Advertise jobs on jobrapido automatically

jobrapido is a global job aggregation engine and job search platform. That’s another way of saying a really big job board with lots of jobs on it. It was a subsidiary of Jobsite UK Limited, but Jobsite is now owned by TotalJobs Group. It claims to have over 70 million users and it tries to give them a single platform to access all jobs. Now you can advertise your jobs on jobrapido automatically.


Gaining maximum job exposure at the least cost is a goal for many internal recruiters and HR officers. Recruiting budgets are under pressure and job board selection can be a gamble. Using free job advertising options is an effective way of reducing recruitment costs. But advertising jobs by hand takes time and time is in short supply for internal recruiters.

One answer is to find an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with a jobs MultiPost module. MultiPost can upload your jobs onto your favourite subscription job boards automatically. It should also help you advertise on other job boards too. Options for free job posts are an addictive advertising supplement. With easier control and less effort, some employers are trying more free job advertising before they use up credits on subscription job boards.

Any MultiPost module should advertise jobs on jobrapido for you. It should also help you advertise jobs for free on GOV Find a Job, Indeed and Google for Jobs.

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CVMinder ATS is a recruitment system for employers. It makes recruiting quick, compliant and less costly, from advertising to hire. It has a great jobs MultiPost module that can advertise jobs on jobrapido, other free advertising options and your favourite subscription job boards.

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