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How to post jobs on Indeed automatically

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Indeed is presently the largest job site worldwide and employers tell us that it is one of the most important job boards for them. That’s why you should post your jobs on Indeed automatically.

Launched in 2004, it’s rare to find an employer that hasn’t used it. Perhaps this is because employers can still post jobs for free on Indeed. Indeed is a subsidiary of Japan’s Recruit Co. Ltd. and is co-headquartered in Austin, Texas. But, it has great UK coverage and an excellent support team based in Ireland.

Post Jobs to Indeed automatically

To post jobs to Indeed automatically, you’ll need an Applicant Tracking System. In June 2017, we included Indeed in the CVMinder ATS MultiPost module. That’s an ATS for employers with a module to post jobs to lots of job boards, your website and other locations. CVMinder posts your jobs to Indeed twice daily whilst they are live.  By default, applicants are redirected to an application URL for your job. We call that an Advert Link, or AdLink for short, and the application form has options to keep it short or collect lots of information.

More applications with Indeed Apply

During Q3 2019, we launched an upgrade to its Indeed integration. CVMinder ATS now supports Indeed Apply. Your application form is delivered from CVMinder ATS to Indeed so that applicants complete it there. That avoids redirecting the applicant and can increase the number of job applications you receive. To find out more, read how to get more applicants with Indeed Apply.

Post jobs for free on Indeed

If you are an employer, you can still post your jobs for free on Indeed. They call that organic search. These jobs have visibility for only short periods of time before they move down the search results. Make sure you optimise your adverts to get more job applications in that time.

Sponsoring adverts keeps them higher in the listings for the duration of sponsorship. This works on a pay-per-click style of charging. You set a budget and Indeed does the rest.

In the USA, recruitment companies must sponsor their adverts to gain visibility. Will that happen in the UK? Indeed’s change of focus towards supporting employers might give us a clue. We can’t say for sure, but recruitment companies should pay close attention to  their advertising strategy.

Want to know more?

CVMinder ATS is an award winning Applicant Tracking System. It manages recruitment for employers so that you pay less and achieve better outcomes. It also posts jobs to free jobs boards in addition to your subscription job sites.

To find out how CVMinder ATS can help you save money and get better recruitment results, contact us now for further details.

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