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talent.com partners with CVMinder

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talent.com is building a head of steam in the UK. It’s a job board with some handy tools for applicants, including:

  • Salary comparison
  • Take home pay calculator

CVMinder ATS is now integrated with talent.com so that employers can advertise for free. That’s great news for CVMinder ATS customers because advertising budgets are definitely under pressure. Customers can track where their applicants came from. By demonstrating their value to UK employers, talent.com hopes that you may choose to sponsor some adverts to improve results.

Here’s the talent.com announcement

We just want to say thanks to the talent.com team for making the integration straightforward. We hope that our customers find it valuable. Don’t forget that and for delivering a valuable facility to


The CVMinder Multipost module integrates with a number of job boards so that adverts can be posted to relevant locations with one click. All applications arrive in CVMinder ATS ready for shortlisting and onward processing.

If you would like to find out more about our partnership with talent.com or more about CVMinder ATS, please contact us. We are here to help.


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