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Free Job advertising with CVLibrary

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Recruitment budgets are under pressure and many employers are keen to find free job advertising options that really do work. Maybe that’s because many HR heads have told us that paid job advertising hasn’t lived up to its promise.

Job boards are not wholly to blame for the success of any job advert. Employers could often take a little more time to understand How to write adverts that get more job applications.

That said, some employers have a golden touch. They have achieved great hiring results by selective use of free job advertising on job boards that work. The trick is to know when to switch up to a paid option without gambling your recruiting budget.

Indeed got there first

It is common knowledge that Indeed has been the market leader for free job advertising in the UK. You can advertise a job for free and pay to boost your advert if and when required. Successful free job advertising with Indeed takes away the uncertainty when you want to spend some money to improve results.

We do know that some of you have your views when it comes to Indeed. However, we should all be thankful that free job advertising has made Indeed a valuable enabler for the UK jobs market.

Here’s some great news; Now CVLibrary wants to do the same.

Free job advertising with CVLibrary

As one the the nations’s favourite job boards, CVLibrary has finally introduced a free job advertising option of its own. Employers must post their free job adverts via an integrated Applicant Tracking System (ATS). As a recognised CVLibrary partner, CVMinder ATS supports free job advertising on the CVLibrary job board network. That doesn’t include the CVLibrary main site, but does include all of its other job boards.

Why does CVLibrary offer free job advertising?

The CVLibrary team is certain that CVMinder ATS customers will receive high quality job applications from free job adverts. The number of applications will be limited, but should be enough to prove that CVLibrary is a great option for advertising Care, Education and many other types of vacancy.

What is CVLibrary?

CVLibrary is one of the most successful job boards in the UK. It covers most market sectors and owns a number other job boards too. Feedback from customers is pretty consistent. They tell us the CVLibrary team is smart, professional and very helpful.

Is posting free adverts to CVLibrary easy with CVMinder ATS?

The CVMinder MultiPost option makes job posting very easy. It uploads your adverts to CVLibrary with just one click. That means that you can advertise with CVLibrary with no additional cost and no additional effort.

CVMinder supports the CVLibrary Apply mechanism. That partly completes the CVMinder application form on behalf of the applicant. Applicants can then correct any personal information and complete any outstanding sections before submission.


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