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Tes Jobs denying application redirection to key jobsites

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In a recent move, Tes Jobs is denying application redirection to some jobsites / job boards. Whilst reports are presently unconfirmed, our understanding is that these may include eTeach and MyNewTerm.

Why is Tes Jobs denying application redirection to some jobsites?

The short answer is that some jobsites are competitors to Tes Jobs.

Sites like eTeach and MyNewTerm operate as jobsites with some applicant tracking capability. Let’s suggest that you use both Tes Jobs and eTeach. You might use the applicant tracking features of eTeach. In this case you’ll want to advertise a teacher vacancy on Tes Jobs and redirect your applicants to apply on eTeach.

The problem for Tes Jobs is that eTeach has captured a new jobseeker that may have cost Tes Jobs a lot of money to acquire. Registering new jobseekers costs marketing dollars for any jobsite. In addition, eTeach can now market other vacancies to that jobseeker. It benefits from greater applicant numbers per vacancy over time. That is great for eTeach, but a loss for Tes Jobs.

What about the Applicant Tracking System?

Is this a problem for those schools using jobsites with applicant tracking functions? The short answer is ‘probably’. If an applicant isn’t redirected to the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), consistent applicant processing will be unachievable.

A school also wants the freedom to change jobsites for reasons of cost or return. Changing jobsite shouldn’t come with the burden of losing its ATS too. Changing an ATS can be a big undertaking for any school. It’s procedures, processes, audit trail and back catalogue of applicants are all in its ATS.

Despite the potential issues for some schools, we support Tes Jobs and their interest in denying application redirects. Tes Jobs is a premium education jobsite. We believe that it should be allowed to protect its own market position.

Separate your ATS from your jobsites

CVMinder ATS for education recruitment does not operate as a jobsite. Schools have access to only the applicants of their own vacancies. There is no public listing of all school jobs on CVMinder. By cooperating with Tes Jobs our customers can continue to enjoy application redirection in the future.

CVMinder ATS can post your vacancies to numerous jobsites, including Tes Jobs, eTeach and Indeed. Set up your applicant journey, share shortlisting, manage interviews, offers and employment checks. Do that in a stable system that doesn’t change when you change your jobsites. Ask your Account Manager for more details.


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