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Tes Jobs denying application redirection to key jobsites

In a recent move, Tes Jobs is denying application redirection to some jobsites / job boards. Whilst reports are presently unconfirmed, our understanding is that these may include eTeach and MyNewTerm.

Why is Tes Jobs denying application redirection to some jobsites?

The short answer is that some jobsites are competitors to Tes Jobs.

Sites like eTeach and MyNewTerm operate as jobsites with some applicant tracking capability. Let’s suggest that you use both Tes Jobs and eTeach. You might use the applicant tracking features of eTeach. In this case you’ll want to advertise a teacher vacancy on Tes Jobs and redirect your applicants to apply on eTeach.

The problem for Tes Jobs is that eTeach has captured a new jobseeker that may have cost Tes Jobs a lot of money to acquire. Registering new jobseekers costs marketing dollars for any jobsite. In addition, eTeach can now market other vacancies to that jobseeker. It benefits from greater applicant numbers per vacancy over time. That is great for eTeach, but a loss for Tes Jobs.

What about the Applicant Tracking System?

Is this a problem for those schools using jobsites with applicant tracking functions? The short answer is ‘probably’. If an applicant isn’t redirected to the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), consistent applicant processing will be unachievable.

A school also wants the freedom to change jobsites for reasons of cost or return. Changing jobsite shouldn’t come with the burden of losing its ATS too. Changing an ATS can be a big undertaking for any school. It’s procedures, processes, audit trail and back catalogue of applicants are all in its ATS.

Despite the potential issues for some schools, we support Tes Jobs and their interest in denying application redirects. Tes Jobs is a premium education jobsite. We believe that it should be allowed to protect its own market position.

Separate your ATS from your jobsites

CVMinder ATS for education recruitment does not operate as a jobsite. Schools have access to only the applicants of their own vacancies. There is no public listing of all school jobs on CVMinder. By cooperating with Tes Jobs our customers can continue to enjoy application redirection in the future.

CVMinder ATS can post your vacancies to numerous jobsites, including Tes Jobs, eTeach and Indeed. Set up your applicant journey, share shortlisting, manage interviews, offers and employment checks. Do that in a stable system that doesn’t change when you change your jobsites. Ask your Account Manager for more details.

CVMinder ATS links to Tes Jobs

Tes Jobs is the UK’s premier jobsite for teaching and other education vacancies. For any School, College or University, Tes Jobs is sometimes the best option to attract hard to find teachers, department heads and key support staff.

Posting jobs on Tes Jobs is straightforward, so long as it is the only job board a school uses. For those schools posting vacancies on numerous jobsites, doing this by hand takes time.

Applications from Tes Jobs generally arrive separately from other sources too. Schools must then collate all applications ready for selection by the appropriate people. Sorting and managing applications in this way takes time and it can be insecure. Many print personal details or application forms to make the process simpler for participating staff members.

Post to Tes Jobs and centralise all applications automatically

CVMinder ATS sends all the details of your vacancy to Tes Jobs. Upon receipt they check and post your vacancy within 3 hours. Your Tes advert will be conveniently linked to CVMinder ATS. That means candidates will be automatically redirected to apply on CVMinder ATS. That helps schools because all applications from all sources will be conveniently available for review in one secure system. There’s no need to print and distribute application details because shortlisting can be managed online.

In summary CVMinder ATS posts your vacancy on Tes Jobs at the click of a button and all applicants will be centralised, visible to only the right people and ready for shortlisting.

What is CVMinder ATS?

It’s the best Applicant Tracking System for education because it is designed for the rigorous recruiting requirements of those with safeguarding requirements, like schools and care providers.

Schools can control their applicant journey, receive applications from any source and manage the entire recruiting process easily. Team up with CVMinder ATS to securely share applicant details so you can save time and improve efficiency.

Contact us to find out more.

Free job advertising on Monster

Free job advertising on Monster

There’s an old saying that if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not true. That’s unless we’re talking about free job advertising on Monster. The Monster Jobsite was one of the very first recruitment websites in the UK.  It has been a leader for years and is considered to be one of the pioneers of online recruitment.

Now CVMinder has teamed up with Monster to give you a free job advertising option. It’s true; your jobs can be advertised without paying a penny. 

What you need to have free job advertising on Monster

If you already use CVMinder ATS, contact your Account Manager to make sure your ATS subscription includes MultiPost. CVMinder’s MultiPost module advertises your jobs on select job boards for you. That includes free options like GOV Find a Job or Indeed and your subscription jobs boards like TotalJobs or CareHome.co.uk

If your CVMinder ATS subscription checks out, you’ll be good to go. We’ll set things up so that you can start advertising on Monster for free straight away.

Why will I get free jobs advertising on Monster?

That’s a great question. The job advertising market is changing and Indeed has been the the biggest jobsite for a number of years. Some say it has been so successful because it gives employers free job advertising.

If you ever purchased advertising options from a job board or jobsite, you’ll know that results are never guaranteed. It’s a gamble. However, if you are getting results from free adverts, you’re more likely to invest in that job board when the time is right. Lots of employers have been spending money with Indeed, so free job advertising must be good for business.

So, jobs boards like Monster are fighting back. Free job advertising is the name of the game and that’s great news for you.

Is there a downside to free job advertising on Monster?

No. There’s no downside, but your free job adverts won’t perform quite as well as paid or ‘sponsored’ adverts.

Free adverts are called organic job postings by Monster. Just as with Indeed, your free adverts will decline in search results more quickly than any sponsored adverts. Sponsoring means paying to make sure your job advert stays higher in jobseeker search results.

Your adverts won’t be branded either. Your company name will be visible and the advert looks great, but there will be no logo or other livery.

What happens when someone applies to my free Monster job advert?

So, CVMinder ATS has posted your free job advert on Monster. Somebody finds it and tries to apply for it. What happens next? The applicant will be redirected automatically to your application form on CVMinder.

Using CVMinder ATS you’ll have all the controls you need to collect the right information and process the applicant quickly and efficiently. That’s great for any organisation, but regulated employers like Care Providers and Schools collect lots of information. Don’t worry. We have you covered.

Tell me more about CVMinder MultiPost

There have been two barriers to using free job boards:

  • The time it takes to post your free job advert on each one
  • The quality of applicant you receive

CVMinder MultiPost saves you posting time. It connects your CVMinder system to your job boards and advertises your jobs automatically. The more job boards you use, the more time you save.

CVMinder ATS makes sure that applicant quality remains high. All applicants enter the application process you create. You can make applying super easy or you can increase the workload. We’ll help you find the right balance to encourage just the more motivated, higher quality applicants to apply for your job.

About CVMinder ATS

Customer agree that CVMinder ATS is the best Applicant Tracking System for employers like Care providers, Schools, Colleges, hospitality and other companies that want to recruit for themselves.

CVMinder is quick to set up, easy to use and gives an employer full recruitment control, from advertising and selection to interviews, offers and on-boarding.

Contact us for more information.

Is carehome.co.ok the best job board for care homes?

Is carehome.co.uk the best job board for Care?

Recruiting for Care Homes in the UK comes with challenges. You may be trying to reduce recruitment costs by recruiting for yourself. But, where should you advertise vacancies to get the best results for the lowest cost? One emerging option is CareHome. It is focused on the care industry, but is carehome.co.uk the best job board for Care vacancies?

What is carehome.co.uk?

carehome.co.uk is leading comparison site for care homes. Owned and managed by Tomorrow’s Guides, its sister boards are homecare.co.uk and daynurseries.co.uk.

CareHome lists approximately 18,000 individual care homes throughout the UK. Consumer and investor interest in care homes draws significant traffic with over 16 million hits each year. Now the site includes a jobs board for the sector and more care providers are advertising on it. At the time of writing it listed approximately 5,000 vacancies, including Carers, Nurses and Care Home Managers.

Is it the best job board for care vacancies?

There are a few ways to test whether carehome.co.uk is the best job board for care vacancies.

  1. Does a Bing or Google search for “care jobs”, list carehome.co.uk on page 1 search results?
  2. How does the number of care jobs on carehome.co.uk compare with other job boards.
  3. Do care homes report success after advertising on carehome.co.uk?
  4. What is the cost of adverting care vacancies.
Searching for care jobs with Google or Bing

Many jobseekers start their job search by using their favourite internet search engine. We used 3 popular ones to check whether carehome.co.uk appears on page 1 results. This test was conducted on 10th November 2019.

Search EnginePosition on Page 1
BingNear Bottom
DuckDuckGo Not on page 1

carehome.co.uk features on page 1 results of the most common search engines. It also appears in the natural search results, not by paid advertising. That’s good news because it is more likely to remain on page 1. Whilst carehome.co.uk didn’t appear at the top in our tests, it did add the jobseeker’s current location. That makes the listing more relevant and perhaps more enticing to jobseekers.

carehome.co.uk listing on page 1 search results using Google
The number of jobs on carehome.co.uk

These results were compiled on 10th November 2019. We looked at the total search results for “Carer”, “Care Assistant” and “Care Support Worker”. Admittedly carehome.co.uk is more focused on jobs in a care home setting. However, jobseekers like choice and listing a wider selection of local jobs is an obvious advantage.

Job BoardNumber of Care Vacancies
Indeed60,000 +
TotalJobs27,000 +
GOV Find a Job26,000 +
CVLibrary20,000 +
KentJobs500 +

These results don’t favour carehome.co.uk. We question whether a tight industry focus might limit its audience. But, why not try some of your own research with local and other national job boards? That could help you determine the best job board for Care vacancies in your area.

Do care homes report success with carehome.co.uk?

Some of our care customers have used carehome.co.uk, but feedback is very patchy. Application source can be tracked with a good Applicant Tracking System, but there are issues here.

carehome.co.uk forces jobseekers to create an account before applying for any care job and that can be an application barrier. This barrier triggers some jobseekers to search for the individual Care Home website so that they can apply directly. Skipping to an employer’s website is becoming more commonplace but automated tracking of of the applicant source is disrupted. The source appears to be the employer’s website and not the job board.

Reasons for the leap include a worry that current employers might find jobseeker details after creating an account. This is particularly true of job boards with a CV search option and carehome.co.uk offers that.

What does it cost to advertise care jobs on carehome.co.uk?

Advertising costs are a big concern for Care Homes, so it’s good to find that carehome.co.uk prices reflect this. A single job advert can cost as little as £10.

You can also get up to 10 free job adverts if you buy a sponsored listing for your care home. These would otherwise cost at least £100. The annual cost of a sponsored listing is currently £300 + VAT per annum, so free job adverts make this a very attractive option.


carehome.co.uk is visible to jobseekers and focused on the Care Home sector. It’s also good value and buying a sponsored listing seems like the best option to start with. Use your free adverts to find out whether it works for you.

One key worry is that other job boards list more care vacancies than carehome.co.uk Boards like Indeed and TotalJobs also appear higher in internet search results. We would also like to see carehome.co.uk remove an application barrier by making shorter its up-front information request to new jobseekers.

This said, we think carehome.co.uk should be included in the mix of advertising options for care jobs. It is focused and there are few industry focused alternatives for Care Homes. But, the success of any job advert isn’t solely down to your choice of job board. Check out how to write job adverts that get more job applications.

Other Job Advertising Options for Care

Thankfully, alternatives are freely available for care homes. Indeed offers free advertising options for employers. It also offers the greatest number of care vacancies when compared with the other job boards we tested, so it has jobseeker appeal. You can also sponsor adverts. That keeps them in Indeed’s search results for longer and that’s great for your hard to fill vacancies. If you do sponsor adverts, you can be sure that people will see it them. Using Indeed is a no brainer.

GOV Find a Job is a free job board too. This is managed by the DWP and it advertises almost as many care jobs as TotalJobs. With so many care jobs listed, it’s hard to ignore. GOV Find a Job costs nothing and has jobseeker appeal, so its an obvious choice for Care Homes.

Google for Jobs isn’t technically a job board. But, it can be used without charge to display your latest jobs and more applicants are discovering it all the time. You can’t post your jobs by hand on Google for Jobs, but an ATS get them there for you.

The truth is that we don’t know where viable jobseekers will find your next vacancy. The best approach is to advertise in several places. But, that requires more time to advertise and more time to review the less relevant applications that accompany more relevant ones. Care homes are time strapped and on a budget, so, how can we square that circle?

Advertise care jobs in less time, without big budgets

Ideally, Care Homes should advertise on multiple job sites and receive more appropriate applications without effort. Doing this at low cost sounds like an impossible request, but the option is available.

You’ll need an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and one that can distribute your jobs to the right job boards automatically. The best ATS will publish your jobs on your own website, on free job boards like Indeed and on your subscription job boards like carehome.co.uk Your applicants should arrive in one place, having provided all the information you need to make safe, fair shortlisting decisions. By making applicants complete details beforehand, you’ll spend less time reviewing job applications from hapless, 1-click appliers.

An ATS for care doesn’t have to be expensive. It should easily pay for itself by helping you avoid recruitment fees, excessive job board charges and all the admin. In fact, an ATS should save you money.

Want to know more?

For more information on what an ATS can do, read what is an Applicant Tracking System?

If you would like to learn more about choosing an ATS, follow the link to our Free ATS Buyer Guide.

Follow the link to find out why CVMinder is the best ATS for Care.

If you want to skip all that, contact us now to find out how you can advertise care vacancies for less and recruit more successfully.

Advertise on CVLibrary automatically

Advertise jobs on CVLibrary automatically

CVLibrary advertises thousands of vacancies and has a huge candidate pool. Some CVMinder customers in Care and Education and Hospitality tell us that they get great results for a reasonable price. Get your account and attach CVMinder to advertise jobs on CVLibrary automatically.

What is CVLibrary?

CV-Library is one of the UK’s leading job boards. It boasts the largest independent database of over 15 million CVs, growing by 360,000 every month. CVLibrary offers a wealth of recruitment products, including CV Database access and a range of Job Posting options. Employers and agencies attract permanent, graduate, contract and freelance candidates from one easy to use site! CVLibrary is known for market-leading innovations and it’s the top-rated job board on Trustpilot.

Making CVLibrary job applications easy

We wanted to make it easier for jobseekers to complete an application form when applying on CVLibrary. That’s why we use CVLibrary Apply.

Using CVLibrary Apply, your applicant is redirected to your CVMinder application form. However, personal information such as name and address are already completed. Their CV and note of is already there for them too.

What about other Job Boards?

More employers are making use free job boards. They choose from the likes of Indeed, jobrapido, Adzuna and others. They even post jobs for free on GOV Find a Job. But, using free job advertising takes time when you’re posting jobs by hand. That’s a shame, because most employers agree that free advertising lowers the cost of recruitment. But CVMinder’s MultiPost can do the hard work for you.


Jobs MultiPost advertises jobs on your favourite job boards and websites automatically. For job boards like CVLibrary, MultiPost should select the industries, categories and all the other details for you. It should also change the application method so that your ATS collects the submissions. Each job board has different industries and categories, but job posting is a breeze with a good MultiPost solution.

Want to know more?

Customers of CVMinder ATS recruit faster and reduce their recruitment costs. CVMinder ATS is an award winning, low cost Applicant Tracking System. It has a great MultiPost module that can advertise jobs on CVLibrary automatically. It also posts jobs on your other favourite job boards, including some fantastic free options.

Contact us now if you would like to find out how much you could save.

Advertise on KentJobs automatically

Post jobs on KentJobs automatically

If you are Kent employer and you’re advertising vacancies,  KentJobs offers a good advertising option for the region. It’s part of the KM Media Group and they want to help jobseekers find a brilliant new job with you. As a publishing group they can also list vacancies in the KentJobs section of the Kent Messenger newspaper.

KentJobs or Jobs in Kent?

At the time of writing, KentJobs listed over 12,000 vacancies throughout Kent. That was over twice the number listed on Jobs in Kent (JIK Group). Vacancies in Construction and Building Services came high up the rankings for both job boards. But, KentJobs generally beats JIK across most sectors. That includes jobs in care and education.

If you are deciding between KentJobs or Jobs in Kent, compare the number of similar jobs on each. Healthy numbers can be a good indicator of a job board’s success in your market.

The number of job listing isn’t the only factor to consider. Try using Google to search for jobs just like the one you want to advertise. Search results can quickly guide jobseekers to a local job board. Discovering where jobseekers go can help you make a smart choice.

When we searched for “jobs in Kent”, CVLibrary appeared at the top of the list with its branded job board for Kent, KentJobs. Confusing! And one to watch.

Are there other advertising options?

Employers in Kent can find recruitment challenging. It’s a peninsula surrounded by sea and some areas feel quite remote. With easy access to London, North Kent must compete with London salaries whilst some coastal areas suffer a skills deficit ad some deprivation.

Getting the most from your recruitment budget is vital. Kent companies want the greatest advertising reach for the lowest cost. Thankfully, there are some fantastic free job advertising options that work.

Advertise jobs for free

More employers are turning to free advertising options before buying adverts on KentJobs and Jobs in Kent. Did you know that you can post jobs for free on GOV Find a Job, Indeed and Google for Jobs? The only downside is that it takes time to post jobs by hand.

To make recruiting easy, some employers use MultiPost products. MultiPost uploads your jobs to free and subscription job boards automatically. It saves lots of time as you avoid doing everything by hand. A good Applicant Tracking System should have a MultiPost module.

Mix up your job board choice

With more time to recruit ad a good MultiPost module, Kent employers can easily reduce their recruitment costs. Try advertising on free options at the touch of a button before spending on traditional advertising. KentJobs and Jobs in Kent are both great choices when you do choose to use them.

Want to know more?

CVMinder ATS makes recruiting fast, compliant and less costly. It also has a great MultiPost module so that you can advertise jobs on KentJobs automatically. It also posts your jobs on free advertising options, Jobs in Kent and lots of other job boards.

Contact us now to find out how much you could save on recruitment. Don’t forget to say that you’re based in Kent. Kent employers receive discounts on our products and services. We’re based in Kent too and we’re proud to support Kent business.

ATS Multipost Love Local Jobs

Post jobs to Love Local Jobs automatically

If your are based in Sussex and you’re advertising new vacancies, it’s hard to miss Love Local Jobs. It’s an award winning job board for the area and it’s used by some well known organisations.

Their mission is to provide local employers with a cost effective and proactive job board solution. Of course, they want to connect local employers with candidates. But, they also offer careers information, advice and some inspiration to jobseekers. They try to help people become more successful.

Post your jobs automatically

CVMinder ATS is an Applicant Tracking System. It posts jobs to your website, social media and some of the nation’s favourite jobs boards all at the same time. It saves oodles of time and all applicants are redirected to the same application process. Now CVMinder ATS includes Love Local Jobs, so you can spend less time posting there too.

CVMinder ATS takes care of all the posting rules for you fully automatically, so job posts become effortless. They always look great too. Then it helps you with shortlisting, interviews, offers and all the on-boarding so that you can save up to 90% of current admin time. CVMinder ATS makes recruiting fast, efficient and less costly.

Want to find out more?

CVMinder ATS is a low cost Applicant Tracking System for employers. Contact us now to find out more about CVMinder ATS and how it makes recruiting easy.

Post jobs to Jobs in Hampshire

Post jobs to Jobs in Hampshire

The JIK Group provides excellent job advertising options for employers across the South East. CVMinder ATS now integrates with Jobs in Hampshire in addition to all other JIK Job Boards, namely:

  • Jobs in Kent
  • Jobs in Essex
  • Jobs in Sussex
  • Jobs in Surrey
CVMinder ATS Multipost

CVMinder Multipost makes job posting quick and simple. It takes care of all posting rules and text formatting for you automatically so posting jobs to Jobs in Hampshire couldn’t be easier.

CVMinder multipost integrates with other job boards too. For employers in Kent, CVMinder can post jobs to KentJobs and Jobs in Kent. For employers in Sussex, post jobs to Jobs in Sussex and Love Local Jobs. There are local advertising options available throughout the South East.

In hospitality, CVMinder integrates with caterer.com and LeisureJobs. For schools and colleges, CVMinder uploads jobs to your AoC, eTeach and FEJobs accounts.

CVMinder also integrates with national job boards and can post jobs to CVLibrary Monster, Reed, TotalJobs and others.

Free Job advertising

Employers looking to lower job advertising costs should consider CVMinder ATS. It posts your adverts to free resources like Indeed, Google for Jobs and GOV Find a Job. With budgets under pressure, these are perfect for care providers, schools and colleges.

Automatic postings to the most popular job boards, ensures that CVMinder ATS remains the best Applicant Tracking System for employers across the UK.

Want to find out more?

Contact us to find out more about uploading of your vacancies to free and subscription job boards. CVMinder ATS is an award winning Applicant Tracking System. It manages the whole recruitment process from advertising, thru shortlisting, interviews, offers and on-boarding.

CVMinder ATS Multipost to eTeach

Post your jobs to eTeach automatically

CVMinder MultiPost integrates with another industry-leading job board. We’re delighted to announce that CVMinder ATS can post your jobs to eTeach automatically. It’s a great job board for education.

Set up your automatic posting rules or confirm eTeach job posts on an individual basis. Either way, posting jobs is so easy with CVMinder’s MutiPost feature.  It does all of the hard work for you. Simply write your advert and let CVMinder determine how best to post it to your eTeach account, including:

  • The automatic selection of Department, Subject and Job Category.
  • Removing any formatting imported from Microsoft Word, so that your advert looks just the way you want it to.

We would like to thank the eTeach technical team. Integrating CVMinder ATS with eTeach was supported by great people.

CVMinder ATS integrates with other job boards for education, including FEJobs and the AoC.  It also posts jobs to Indeed, GOV Find a Job and other free resources so that you get more applicants and a better choice of candidate. Our customers tell us that CVMinder ATS is the easiest Applicant Tracking System for education. It manages the whole recruitment process from advertising, thru shortlisting, interviews, employment offers and on-boarding.

Now CVMinder makes posting jobs to eTeach a breeze too. If you work for a School or College and you would like to know more, contact us now. It’s a great time to start reducing recruitment costs and improving outcomes.

Upload Jobs to Reed with CVMinder ATS Multipost

Post jobs on Reed with CVMinder ATS

With CVMinder ATS, you can post jobs on Reed, the UK’s number one job site.

This comes after successful integration of CVMinder ATS with other job boards, including caterer.com, TotalJobs, Indeed and FE Jobs.  Reed was chosen as an important addition for our UK users because it is one of the Nation’s favourites. CVMinder MultiPost supports the automated delivery of job adverts to customer job board accounts. Choosing the correct job category for each job board automatically makes job posting quick and easy.

Save time when posting jobs

Stuart Haddow, MD, is clear about the benefits of using CVMinder to post jobs on Reed. “Posting well-formatted adverts to a number of job boards simultaneously, reduces administration.” Setting up posting rules in CVMinder ensures a more efficient use of job board credits. Some job boards are better than others for certain types of vacancy.  Avoid wasting credits by placing vacancies on poorly performing job boards. CVMinder MultiPost rules can achieve just that. “Reed is a great addition because it’s popular for Care, Hospitality and other sectors”, says Stuart”

Want to know more?

CVMinder ATS manages recruitment from advertising thru shortlisting, interviews, employment offers and on-boarding. It’s an award winning Applicant Tracking System for employers.

If you’d like to know more about CVMinder MultiPost and how to post jobs on Reed please contact us for more information.