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If you are Kent employer and you’re advertising vacancies,  KentJobs offers a good advertising option for the region. It’s part of the KM Media Group and they want to help jobseekers find a brilliant new job with you. As a publishing group they can also list vacancies in the KentJobs section of the Kent Messenger newspaper.

KentJobs or Jobs in Kent?

At the time of writing, KentJobs listed over 12,000 vacancies throughout Kent. That was over twice the number listed on Jobs in Kent (JIK Group). Vacancies in Construction and Building Services came high up the rankings for both job boards. But, KentJobs generally beats JIK across most sectors. That includes jobs in care and education.

If you are deciding between KentJobs or Jobs in Kent, compare the number of similar jobs on each. Healthy numbers can be a good indicator of a job board’s success in your market.

The number of job listing isn’t the only factor to consider. Try using Google to search for jobs just like the one you want to advertise. Search results can quickly guide jobseekers to a local job board. Discovering where jobseekers go can help you make a smart choice.

When we searched for “jobs in Kent”, CVLibrary appeared at the top of the list with its branded job board for Kent, KentJobs. Confusing! And one to watch.

Are there other advertising options?

Employers in Kent can find recruitment challenging. It’s a peninsula surrounded by sea and some areas feel quite remote. With easy access to London, North Kent must compete with London salaries whilst some coastal areas suffer a skills deficit ad some deprivation.

Getting the most from your recruitment budget is vital. Kent companies want the greatest advertising reach for the lowest cost. Thankfully, there are some fantastic free job advertising options that work.

Advertise jobs for free

More employers are turning to free advertising options before buying adverts on KentJobs and Jobs in Kent. Did you know that you can post jobs for free on GOV Find a Job, Indeed and Google for Jobs? The only downside is that it takes time to post jobs by hand.

To make recruiting easy, some employers use MultiPost products. MultiPost uploads your jobs to free and subscription job boards automatically. It saves lots of time as you avoid doing everything by hand. A good Applicant Tracking System should have a MultiPost module.

Mix up your job board choice

With more time to recruit ad a good MultiPost module, Kent employers can easily reduce their recruitment costs. Try advertising on free options at the touch of a button before spending on traditional advertising. KentJobs and Jobs in Kent are both great choices when you do choose to use them.

Want to know more?

CVMinder ATS makes recruiting fast, compliant and less costly. It also has a great MultiPost module so that you can advertise jobs on KentJobs automatically. It also posts your jobs on free advertising options, Jobs in Kent and lots of other job boards.

Contact us now to find out how much you could save on recruitment. Don’t forget to say that you’re based in Kent. Kent employers receive discounts on our products and services. We’re based in Kent too and we’re proud to support Kent business.


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