+44 (0) 1634 202 101

Request a new CVMinder PIN

You have looked everywhere and you still can’t find the email with your CVMinder PIN.

Let’s request another CVMinder PIN

Step 1: Sign into CVMinder at https://cvminder.com/applicants

Step 2: Find the button and select it

Once you have completed these steps, you should receive a Welcome to CVMinder email that contains your PIN.

Please check your online junk or spam folder if the email does not arrive within a few minutes of your request.

IMPORTANT: Discard any previous PINs. Each PIN is unique, so use the PIN you receive after making your request.

Having trouble receiving email?

Contact the CVMinder Support Team by telephone on 01634 202 101.

Having trouble signing in to request your PIN?

Check to make sure that you using the email address registered to your account.

If you are using the correct email address and you are still having trouble, write to support@cvminder.co.uk from your CVMinder registered email account. Briefly describe the issue and note your preferred contact telephone number. We’re here to help.