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We are ready for Corvid-19!

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Europe is expecting disruption due to Corvid-19. Business continuity is a top priority for most of us. As we analysed the potential impact of Corvid-19, we starting planning and testing our resilience at the beginning of February 2020.

Business Continuity

We are pleased to inform you that on the 2nd March 2020, essential staff members successfully completed a Corvid-19 drill. That means that we abandoned the office and quarantined 20% of our employees . Staff members worked in separate locations without loss of communication, productivity, nor business-critical functions. Our customers should have been unaware of the change to operations.

We have advised our staff members not to travel and given them advice on minimising the risk of contracting Corvid-19. Staff members who choose to travel overseas knowingly increase their personal risk of contraction. We are at liberty to request the completion of appropriate testing before re-entry into the workplace.

Recruiting Advice

Many companies may choose to prioritise recruitment over the coming weeks and months. This is to ensure business continuity and reduce the impact of staff absence due to sickness or self-quarantine.

Here is our recruiting advice:

  • Maintain a steady recruitment programme. Be ahead of the curve.
  • As part of any job application, require applicants to itemise any recent overseas travel and contact with high risk groups / locations.
  • Minimise the number of face to face interviews by using Skype, Google Hangouts or other conferencing technology.
  • Place hand sanitiser in reception areas and use clear signage to direct visiting candidates to use it.
  • Introduce health screening as part of any pre-employment checks if you do not already do so.

Any questions?

Any CVMinder customers with questions about our business resilience or our contingency plans should contact us directly.


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