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Example Employment Reference Request Template

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Well done! You must have selected your new employee.  It’s a good idea to take up references, sometimes mandatory. Now is the time to look for an example Employment Reference Request template.

What can you ask when making an Employment Reference Request?

HR team have shared their frustration with employment reference requests. There’s a gulf between what you would like to ask and what you might receive. For regulated employers with safeguarding obligations this can be of particular concern. Here’s an example Employment Reference Request template that can help.

If you don’t have safeguarding obligations please feel free to take out any parts you don’t need.

The employment reference request template contains {{fields}}. You should recognise them pretty easily as they are all supported by CVMinder ATS. That’s an award winning, low cost Applicant Tracking System to make recruiting easy. It also sends Employment Reference Requests.

Employment Reference Request Template

Subject: Reference request for {{applicantfullname}}

Dear {{refereefirstname}}

I write to request for an employment reference for {{applicantfullname}}, a person we believe to be a former employee of {{refereeorganisation}}. This reference will remain confidential between us and will not be shared with {{applicantfirstname}}. It is important in determining {{applicantfirstname}}’s suitability for employment with {{company}} and forms part of our commitment to safeguarding and safer recruitment.

I would be grateful if you could answer the following questions at your earliest convenience. Please reply by inserting your answers below each one:

In relation to {{applicantfullname}} and employment with {{refereeorganisation}}:

  1. On what date did {{applicantfirstname}} commence employment?
  2. On what date did {{applicantfirstname}} finish employment?
  3. Was {{applicantfirstname}} in full time, part-time or other type of employment with {{refereeorganisation}}?
  4. What was {{applicantfirstname}}’s official job title?
  5. What was {{applicantfirstname}}’s working relationship with you, {{refereefullname}}
  6. Please comment upon {{applicantfirstname}}’s punctuality and attendance during this period of employment.
  7. Was {{applicantfirstname}} ever subject to disciplinary action? If so, please provide details from your official records.
  8. Are you completely satisfied that {{applicantfirstname}} is suitable for work in an organisation with safeguarding obligations, such as {{company}}?
  9. We would be grateful for any further comments.

We are obliged to contact referees upon receipt of an employment reference so that we can validate its provenance. To this end, we have your contact telephone number listed as:

Tel: {{refereephone}}

Should you have any question or concerns related to this reference request then please email me by return or contact me by telephone on {{myphone}}

Many thanks in advance and kind regards,


Alternative Employment Reference Requests

There are lots of alternatives to our employment reference request template. There are lots of reasons why you might be asking for an employment reference. If you are unsure about what you may lawfully request, please seek guidance from your regulator or approved industry body.

Want to now more?

If you would like to know more about getting employment reference requests from your ATS, why not contact us now.


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