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Post jobs to Leisurejobs with CVMinder ATS Multipost

Multipost uploads jobs to Leisurejobs

CVMinder ATS makes its easy to upload jobs to LeisureJobs as its multipost module grows for Hospitality.

LeisureJobs has over 1 million registered jobseekers and 16,500 unique daily visitors. It is a job board of choice in hospitality and CVMinder ATS clients now post vacancies to LeisureJobs automatically. CVMinder has some great features to ensure that adverts post with the correct options and format.

Stuart Haddow, Managing Director, comments

“Our catering and hospitality clients told us that they advertise jobs on LeisureJobs, Gumtree and Caterer.com, so we integrated with each. Our improved multipost reinforces CVMinder’s position as an ATS of choice for restaurant groups, hotel chains, beauty, fitness and more.”

Each job board specifies its own job types, industries and categories. CVMinder ATS selects all of these automatically so that your jobs post correctly for each job board. So, whether you’re posting a Sous Chef or a Bartender job to LeisureJobs, CVMinder automates everything.

CVMinder ATS is very simple to use. It supports easy online collaboration so that HR and Line Managers can take all part in a secure, paperless and controlled recruitment process.

“We want recruitment to be frictionless. CVMinder ATS should be simple so that all clients reduce recruitment costs and improve hiring outcomes as standard. Managing job posts to multiple job boards is just one of those admin tasks that would otherwise take a lot of time” comments Michael, Job Board Developer.

If you have a hotel, restaurant or other catering and hospitality business, contact us now to find out more about CVMinder ATS. Alternatively, visit our website for a closer look.

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According to its customers, CVMinder ATS is the best Applicant Tracking System for Hospitality employers. It can post your jobs on LeisureJobs, Indeed, GOV Find a Job, Google for Jobs and others to increase the number of relevant applicants you receive. It manages everything from shortlisting to hire and it can save up to 90% of your admin time. Contact us now to find out more.

Post jobs on Indeed automatically

How to post jobs on Indeed automatically

Indeed is presently the largest job site worldwide and employers tell us that it is one of the most important job boards for them. That’s why you should post your jobs on Indeed automatically.

Launched in 2004, it’s rare to find an employer that hasn’t used it. Perhaps this is because employers can still post jobs for free on Indeed. Indeed is a subsidiary of Japan’s Recruit Co. Ltd. and is co-headquartered in Austin, Texas. But, it has great UK coverage and an excellent support team based in Ireland.

Post Jobs to Indeed automatically

To post jobs to Indeed automatically, you’ll need an Applicant Tracking System. In June 2017, we included Indeed in the CVMinder ATS MultiPost module. That’s an ATS for employers with a module to post jobs to lots of job boards, your website and other locations. CVMinder posts your jobs to Indeed twice daily whilst they are live.  By default, applicants are redirected to an application URL for your job. We call that an Advert Link, or AdLink for short, and the application form has options to keep it short or collect lots of information.

More applications with Indeed Apply

During Q3 2019, we launched an upgrade to its Indeed integration. CVMinder ATS now supports Indeed Apply. Your application form is delivered from CVMinder ATS to Indeed so that applicants complete it there. That avoids redirecting the applicant and can increase the number of job applications you receive. To find out more, read how to get more applicants with Indeed Apply.

Post jobs for free on Indeed

If you are an employer, you can still post your jobs for free on Indeed. They call that organic search. These jobs have visibility for only short periods of time before they move down the search results. Make sure you optimise your adverts to get more job applications in that time.

Sponsoring adverts keeps them higher in the listings for the duration of sponsorship. This works on a pay-per-click style of charging. You set a budget and Indeed does the rest.

In the USA, recruitment companies must sponsor their adverts to gain visibility. Will that happen in the UK? Indeed’s change of focus towards supporting employers might give us a clue. We can’t say for sure, but recruitment companies should pay close attention to  their advertising strategy.

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CVMinder ATS is an award winning Applicant Tracking System. It manages recruitment for employers so that you pay less and achieve better outcomes. It also posts jobs to free jobs boards in addition to your subscription job sites.

To find out how CVMinder ATS can help you save money and get better recruitment results, contact us now for further details.

Post jobs to Apprentice Kent with ATS Multipost

Free apprenticeship advertising on Apprentice Kent

The case for Apprenticeships has been made. There were over 500,000 apprenticeship starters in 2015 / 16 and that number is expected to grow.

“The growth in apprenticeships is exciting”, comments David Knox Apprenticeship and Employer Engagement Officer for Kent County Council.

“There are more career choices and more qualification options than ever before”.

A growing number of apprentices want to work close to home, but local apprenticeships can be hard to find. David wants to help by bringing the apprentice closer to local apprenticeships. Offering free apprenticeship advertising is an essential part of his plan for growing the number of apprenticeship placements.

Apprentice Kent

KCC built a great new option for apprenticeships. They call it Apprentice Kent and it offers free advertising.  “We’re already developing inroads with employers, training providers and apprenticeship candidates”, says Daniel Ratcliff, KCC’s Employability Project Officer.

“Our first challenge was making it as easy to use as possible” says Daniel. “We knew that local Colleges were using CVMinder HUB to manage apprenticeship recruitment, so we got together to work out a solution. “

CVMinder HUB integrates with GOV Recruit an Apprentice. With expert knowledge, we helped KCC to understand the type of data they would require before defining an interface.

“Automatic posts to Apprentice Kent was essential, otherwise Training Providers might not use it at all”, comments Stuart Haddow, XperiSoft’s MD.  The admin overhead of posting every apprenticeship by hand would be too high. “Daniel has a great team and we successfully delivered the whole interface in double-quick time”.

Want to know more?

CVMinder HUB helps Training Providers to manage apprenticeships, work placements and other vacancies. Target the right candidates faster, receive more applications and manage everything in one, central recruitment system.  CVMinder HUB also has an employability module to help Training Providers improve learner outcomes.

To find out more about Apprentice Kent, please visit www.apprenticekent.co.uk or call 03000 414005.

To find out more about CVMinder HUB, please contact us now.

Post jobs on TotalJobs an free job boards

Add free advertising options to TotalJobs automatically

TotalJobs Group describes itself as the leading UK hiring platform. It advertises over 250,000 jobs and offers a great choice of other sector-leading jobs boards. It’s easy to see why it’s a favourite choice and now you can post your jobs on TotalJobs automatically. But is it enough?

The case for TotalJobs

If you’re an internal recruiter, job board selection sometimes feels like a gamble. TotalJobs is an easy choice because it has a great reputation with nationwide appeal. Our own customers in care, hospitality and education tell us that TotalJobs and CVLibrary are top options for them. However, advertising success often depends upon the vacancy type and its location.

Add free job posting options

Despite TotalJobs’s great reputation and stories of success, employers are looking for ways to contain or reduce their recruitment budgets. Achieving this means turning to less costly advertising options. Many have discovered how to post jobs for free on GOV Find a Job, Indeed and others before spending their job posting credits with subscription job boards like TotalJobs. Should a free or low-cost option attract your next employee, that will save an adverting credit.

However, to post jobs on more jobs boards takes time and internal recruiters rarely have enough. Most would prefer an easy option to post jobs on free websites and subscription job boards automatically. We’re happy to report that there is one. All you need is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with a good MultiPost feature.


A Jobs MultiPost product can upload your vacancy to a number of National, regional and sector-specific job boards and it should post jobs on TotalJobs. It should include free job boards like GOV Find a Job, indeed and Google for Jobs. Google’s isn’t actually a job board, so click the link to find out more.

By taking the work out of job posting, employers can concentrate more on their advertising strategy and saving money. You’ll be in a better position to tailor future job advertising if your ATS tells you how each candidate found your vacancy.

Want to know more?

CVMinder ATS is an award winning Applicant Tracking System with a jobs MultiPost module. It manages recruitment for employers, from advertising thru shortlisting, interviews, offers and on-boarding. It’s low cost and simple to use. CVMinder ATS helps you to save up to 90% of admin time, reduce recruitment costs and recruit more successfully.

Contact us now to find out more. You’ll love our prices.

Advertise on jobrapido with MultiPost

Advertise jobs on jobrapido automatically

jobrapido is a global job aggregation engine and job search platform. That’s another way of saying a really big job board with lots of jobs on it. It was a subsidiary of Jobsite UK Limited, but Jobsite is now owned by TotalJobs Group. It claims to have over 70 million users and it tries to give them a single platform to access all jobs. Now you can advertise your jobs on jobrapido automatically.


Gaining maximum job exposure at the least cost is a goal for many internal recruiters and HR officers. Recruiting budgets are under pressure and job board selection can be a gamble. Using free job advertising options is an effective way of reducing recruitment costs. But advertising jobs by hand takes time and time is in short supply for internal recruiters.

One answer is to find an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with a jobs MultiPost module. MultiPost can upload your jobs onto your favourite subscription job boards automatically. It should also help you advertise on other job boards too. Options for free job posts are an addictive advertising supplement. With easier control and less effort, some employers are trying more free job advertising before they use up credits on subscription job boards.

Any MultiPost module should advertise jobs on jobrapido for you. It should also help you advertise jobs for free on GOV Find a Job, Indeed and Google for Jobs.

Want to know more?

CVMinder ATS is a recruitment system for employers. It makes recruiting quick, compliant and less costly, from advertising to hire. It has a great jobs MultiPost module that can advertise jobs on jobrapido, other free advertising options and your favourite subscription job boards.

Contact us now to find out how much you can save.

Free Job Advertising on Adzuna

Advertise jobs for free on Adzuna

Recruitment budgets are under pressure, so it helps when you find a place to advertise jobs for free. That’s so long as it produces applicants and the time taken to post jobs doesn’t outweigh the benefits. There are options to automatically post jobs for free on Adzuna, so we should check it out.

The case for Adzuna

Adzuna is a search engine for jobs. Adzuna tries to list ‘every job from everywhere’ and wants to be the best place for jobseekeers to start a job search. To achieve that, Adzuna collects millions of vacancies from job boards, websites and elsewhere. Follow the link to post jobs for free on Adzuna.

Like most free job sites, Adzuna must make money from somewhere. To achieve a revenue stream, employers can sponsor their jobs on a pay per click basis.

Uploading jobs by hand can be replaced by a good Applicant Tracking System. One with a MultiPost feature should post jobs to Adzuna automatically. But, is it worth it?

Does Adzuna work for free job advertising?

The measure of success with Adzuna is the number of job applications it produces. However, the number you receive isn’t solely down to your job board. We should ask three questions to qualify whether Adzuna is good for free job advertising:

  • Can jobseekers find Adzuna?
  • Can jobseekers find your job on Adzuna?
  • Is your job attractive enough?
Can jobseekers find Adzuna?

Most jobseekers start with Google, Bing or other internet search engine. They look for jobs, not job boards. Typical searches might look like “catering jobs in Essex” or “software developer jobs”. The search results guide the jobseeker to a job board. Thankfully, we have seen Adzuna pop up in job searches, so Adzuna gets a tick.

Can jobseekers find your job on Adzuna?

You’ve learned that you can post jobs for free on Adzuna and that jobseekers can find Adzuna. But, can they find your job?

This requires a bit of smart thinking on your part. All job boards, including Adzuna, try to deliver the most relevant jobs in their search results. The search relevance of your job is assessed by the job board and among other details, they consider:

  • Job title
  • Location
  • How long the job has been open
  • Whether you have optimised you advert

So, make sure your job title is one that people search for and that the job location is recognised. Some employers have awkward postcodes or addresses and that can make jobs less visible or appear in the wrong location. It’s also a good idea to expire older adverts and republish them regularly because free job postings re often removed from search results faster than sponsored listings.

Finally, optimise your advert so that the job title is repeated several times. A good Applicant Tracking System should help you do this.

Is your job attractive enough?

This is a big subject and one we can’t cover here in great detail. However, here are some basic pointers:

  • Is the salary clear and appropriate? Avoid zero salaries and statements like “negotiable” or “dependant upon experience”.
  • Make sure the first paragraph reviews the job and not your company. Jobseekers want to know within seconds whether your job is one they should be reviewing.
  • Punctuate your job advert with headings so that jobseekers can scan each section quickly.
  • Use bullet lists so that jobseekers can scan job requirements more easily.

Follow the link to discover how to write adverts that get more job applications.

Should you use Adzuna for free job postings?

Overall, Adzuna seems like a good option. You just need to consider time versus reward and compare it with other great options for free job postings. Arguably, you can get more applicants with Indeed. But why not post jobs to both?

Having an ATS takes away the dilemma. The best Applicant Tracking System, or even a good one, should give you a MultiPost feature. This can automatically post your advert on a number of job boards. Some of those like Indeed, Adzuna and GOV Find a Job offer free job advertising.

Want to find out more?

According to its users, CVMinder is the best Applicant Tracking System for employers in Care, Education, Hospitality and other markets. It manages the whole recruitment process, from advertising thru shortlisting, interviews, offers and on-boarding.

If you want to make recruiting easy, inexpensive and successful, contact us now for a confidential discussion. We’re here to help.

Advertise jobs on Gumtree

Advertise jobs on Gumtree automatically

Gumtree is a household name and you can advertise pretty much anything on it. But did you know that you can advertise jobs on Gumtree and lots of employers use it.

Any decision to add Gumtree to your mix of job boards should be based upon cost versus return. But, the cost of advertising should also consider the admin time required to post your jobs. Relief is here, because now you can advertise jobs on Gumtree automatically with MultiPost. Follow the link for current Gumtree job advertising prices.


The best Applicant Tracking Systems comes with a jobs MultiPost option. That helps you advertise jobs to your favourite job boards and websites automatically. A good MultiPost options should include Gumtree jobs so that you don’t have to post jobs by hand.

It should also include other job boards with options to post jobs for free on GOV Find a Job, Indeed and Google for Jobs. Using free job advertising options is mandatory when an employer’s recruiting budgets are under pressure. By using free job boards, you can make significant cuts to your annual recruitment budget.

Job Types on Gumtree

Gumtree offers a number of job types, including apprenticeships. However, advertisers tell us that Gumtree is better for lower paid roles than senior and executive positions. So, if you’re advertising in care or hospitality, Gumtree could be a very useful addition for some vacancies.

Want to know more?

CVMinder ATS helps you reduce your recruitment costs by managing the whole recruitment process for you. With a great MultiPost module, it helps you speed up advertising, shortlisting, interviews, offers and on-boarding all in one easy system. It’s perfect for smaller employers, care providers, education and hospitality.

Contact us to get a quote or ask for a demo.

Post jobs on Caterer.com

Post jobs on Caterer.com automatically

If you’re in Hospitality and advertising vacancies, Caterer.com is one of the industry’s leading job boards. Now you can post jobs on caterer.com automatically.

Caterer.com claims to be the largest UK job board for hospitality companies because it offers over 20,000 live vacancies. Jobseekers get easy search tools to access jobs in hotels, restaurants, pubs and bars, food service and leisure. There’s little doubt that it’s a great choice for the industry. But, so are some others.


Hospitality employers want to speed up recruitment and reduce recruiting costs. Employers must be selective when posting jobs to subscription job boards because there’s always pressure on recruitment budgets. To address the issue, Hospitality employers are increasingly combining free advertising options with subscription job boards like caterer.com and LeisureJobs.

That sounds like more work for internal recruiters or HR. But, Applicant Tracking Systems with a MultiPost module can take care of it for you. Post your job to free job boards first, before spending advertising credits elsewhere. Do that at the touch of a button and reduce the cost of your recruitment campaign.

An ATS can help

CVMinder ATS is a recruitment system (Applicant Tracking System) that helps you to reduce recruiting costs. It posts your jobs to the right place in just one click. That means you can take advantage of free advertising options like Indeed, GOV Find a Job and Google for Jobs before paying for adverts with other job boards.

When you do post jobs on Caterer.com or LeisureJobs, you’ll be getting maximum effort and maximum value from these advertising powerhouses of the hospitality sector.

CVMinder MultiPost module posts jobs on caterer.com, LeisureJobs, Reed, Gumtree, Monster, CVLibrary and other job boards too.

Want to find out more?

CVMinder ATS is a full recruiting system for hospitality companies. It manages advertising and assists with shortlisting, interviews, offers and more. It makes everything quick, easy and professional. It’ll save you money on recruitment too. We think it’s the best ATS for hospitality and we promise you’ll love our prices. Contact us now to find out more.

Post apprenticeships to Recruit an Apprentice with the best recruitment system for Training Providers

Post vacancies on Recruit an Apprentice automatically

Training Providers find apprentices and place them into apprenticeship vacancies with local employers. Now Training Providers can post apprenticeships on Recruit an apprentice automatically.

Training Providers

Apprenticeships are big business and Training providers are cashing in. Government-subsidised training fees are a big incentive for employers. But, they need an Ofsted regulated Training Provider to deliver the education component of this great pathway into work.

Training Providers include independent companies, Colleges and some larger organisations with training departments. Each acts like a recruitment agent as they attract, qualify and place people.

All apprenticeship vacancies must be advertised on GOV Recruit an Apprentice (RaP). This is a free service, but one that takes quality seriously. All apprenticeships are quality checked by the service. That means that some apprenticeship adverts can be rejected for missing or inaccurate information. Checking can also take time, so Training Providers have complained that their apprentice can be found well before their advert goes live on RaP.


There are other free apprenticeship adverting options. Post jobs for free on GOV Find a Job, for instance. They recently extended their job types to include apprenticeships. You can also make use of free postings on Google for Jobs. In Kent, post apprenticeships for free on Apprentice Kent. Unfortunately, Indeed will only accept apprenticeship vacancies from RaP.

To post apprenticeships on more than one job board takes time. That is time that Colleges don’t have because they offer their services free of charge to employers. They would like to post jobs on RaP and other services with a single click. The answer is an Applicant Tracking System with MultiPost.

CVMinder HUB

CVMinder HUB is a recruiting system for Training Providers. It manages the full recruitment lifecycle and has a MultiPost function. That means that Training providers can post apprenticeships for free on RaP, GOV Find a Job, Google for Jobs and other websites with a single click.

CVMinder also manages work placements, enrolments and includes a powerful employability module. It helps Training Providers to recruit faster at lower cost and do lots more besides.

Want to know more?

If you post apprenticeships on Recruit an Apprentice you could benefit from posting them more widely with MultiPost. Contact us now to find out more.