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Advertise jobs for free on Adzuna

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Recruitment budgets are under pressure, so it helps when you find a place to advertise jobs for free. That’s so long as it produces applicants and the time taken to post jobs doesn’t outweigh the benefits. There are options to automatically post jobs for free on Adzuna, so we should check it out.

The case for Adzuna

Adzuna is a search engine for jobs. Adzuna tries to list ‘every job from everywhere’ and wants to be the best place for jobseekeers to start a job search. To achieve that, Adzuna collects millions of vacancies from job boards, websites and elsewhere. Follow the link to post jobs for free on Adzuna.

Like most free job sites, Adzuna must make money from somewhere. To achieve a revenue stream, employers can sponsor their jobs on a pay per click basis.

Uploading jobs by hand can be replaced by a good Applicant Tracking System. One with a MultiPost feature should post jobs to Adzuna automatically. But, is it worth it?

Does Adzuna work for free job advertising?

The measure of success with Adzuna is the number of job applications it produces. However, the number you receive isn’t solely down to your job board. We should ask three questions to qualify whether Adzuna is good for free job advertising:

  • Can jobseekers find Adzuna?
  • Can jobseekers find your job on Adzuna?
  • Is your job attractive enough?
Can jobseekers find Adzuna?

Most jobseekers start with Google, Bing or other internet search engine. They look for jobs, not job boards. Typical searches might look like “catering jobs in Essex” or “software developer jobs”. The search results guide the jobseeker to a job board. Thankfully, we have seen Adzuna pop up in job searches, so Adzuna gets a tick.

Can jobseekers find your job on Adzuna?

You’ve learned that you can post jobs for free on Adzuna and that jobseekers can find Adzuna. But, can they find your job?

This requires a bit of smart thinking on your part. All job boards, including Adzuna, try to deliver the most relevant jobs in their search results. The search relevance of your job is assessed by the job board and among other details, they consider:

  • Job title
  • Location
  • How long the job has been open
  • Whether you have optimised you advert

So, make sure your job title is one that people search for and that the job location is recognised. Some employers have awkward postcodes or addresses and that can make jobs less visible or appear in the wrong location. It’s also a good idea to expire older adverts and republish them regularly because free job postings re often removed from search results faster than sponsored listings.

Finally, optimise your advert so that the job title is repeated several times. A good Applicant Tracking System should help you do this.

Is your job attractive enough?

This is a big subject and one we can’t cover here in great detail. However, here are some basic pointers:

  • Is the salary clear and appropriate? Avoid zero salaries and statements like “negotiable” or “dependant upon experience”.
  • Make sure the first paragraph reviews the job and not your company. Jobseekers want to know within seconds whether your job is one they should be reviewing.
  • Punctuate your job advert with headings so that jobseekers can scan each section quickly.
  • Use bullet lists so that jobseekers can scan job requirements more easily.

Follow the link to discover how to write adverts that get more job applications.

Should you use Adzuna for free job postings?

Overall, Adzuna seems like a good option. You just need to consider time versus reward and compare it with other great options for free job postings. Arguably, you can get more applicants with Indeed. But why not post jobs to both?

Having an ATS takes away the dilemma. The best Applicant Tracking System, or even a good one, should give you a MultiPost feature. This can automatically post your advert on a number of job boards. Some of those like Indeed, Adzuna and GOV Find a Job offer free job advertising.

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