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Advertise on CVLibrary automatically

Advertise jobs on CVLibrary automatically

CVLibrary advertises thousands of vacancies and has a huge candidate pool. Some CVMinder customers in Care and Education and Hospitality tell us that they get great results for a reasonable price. Get your account and attach CVMinder to advertise jobs on CVLibrary automatically.

What is CVLibrary?

CV-Library is one of the UK’s leading job boards. It boasts the largest independent database of over 15 million CVs, growing by 360,000 every month. CVLibrary offers a wealth of recruitment products, including CV Database access and a range of Job Posting options. Employers and agencies attract permanent, graduate, contract and freelance candidates from one easy to use site! CVLibrary is known for market-leading innovations and it’s the top-rated job board on Trustpilot.

Making CVLibrary job applications easy

We wanted to make it easier for jobseekers to complete an application form when applying on CVLibrary. That’s why we use CVLibrary Apply.

Using CVLibrary Apply, your applicant is redirected to your CVMinder application form. However, personal information such as name and address are already completed. Their CV and note of is already there for them too.

What about other Job Boards?

More employers are making use free job boards. They choose from the likes of Indeed, jobrapido, Adzuna and others. They even post jobs for free on GOV Find a Job. But, using free job advertising takes time when you’re posting jobs by hand. That’s a shame, because most employers agree that free advertising lowers the cost of recruitment. But CVMinder’s MultiPost can do the hard work for you.


Jobs MultiPost advertises jobs on your favourite job boards and websites automatically. For job boards like CVLibrary, MultiPost should select the industries, categories and all the other details for you. It should also change the application method so that your ATS collects the submissions. Each job board has different industries and categories, but job posting is a breeze with a good MultiPost solution.

Want to know more?

Customers of CVMinder ATS recruit faster and reduce their recruitment costs. CVMinder ATS is an award winning, low cost Applicant Tracking System. It has a great MultiPost module that can advertise jobs on CVLibrary automatically. It also posts jobs on your other favourite job boards, including some fantastic free options.

Contact us now if you would like to find out how much you could save.

Best ATS Job Advert Analyser

Optimise your adverts to get more job applications

HR officers and internal recruiters would generally like more job applications from people who are suitable. People generally start by writing an informative advert. Then they post the advert on an appropriate job board and hope. However, adverts sometimes fail to attract relevant job applications in the numbers required. It is true that salary, location and some other factors can influence applicant numbers. However, something much simpler is often overlooked.

To improve results we must understand how jobseekers find jobs on job boards. Most jobseekers want to see relevant results when they search for jobs on a job site. If the jobseeker is looking for catering jobs in the local area, they don’t want to see IT jobs or Tecahing jobs.

Relevance is determined in different ways by each jobsite and they don’t generally give you that magic formula. So what can you do to optimise your adverts so that they are seen by more of the right people? If you can get that right you should receive more relevant job applications.

Here are some top tips to lift your job adverts further up the search results.

Choose the right Job Title

It may seem simple, but use an industry recognised job title that people will search for. We know that some employers like to create special titles for their workers, but the world down’t know them. Use a title like “Cleaner” rather than “Sanitation Operative”. This one correction can give your advert a much greater chance of discovery.

Repeat the Job Title

The search ranking of your job can be influenced by your liberal use of its job title and other words / phrases throughout your advert. The more you mention a job title, the more likely it is that your advert will be appear in search results. But, beware the job board anti-spam detection. If you go too far, you may hit the spam detectors and that will diminish your ranking. A reasonable target is to repeat the job title 3  times per two hundred words.

Tell jobseekers what the job is

It sounds basic, but many adverts start by describing the employer or what the employer requires of the jobseeker. That is a no, no because jobseekers read a job advert like recruiters read a CV. In fact, they don’t read it on a first pass! They qualify whether they should read your advert by scanning it.

To get more job applications, you need to spell things out quickly. Jobseekers want to know what the job is, so make sure your first sentence delivers that information. Tell jobseekers what your job is, the scale of it and why you are recruiting.

Don’t start with your “We are a lovely group of people with high commitment to our staff” story. Instead, start with “We are looking for an experienced chef to work in team of 6. Reporting to the head chef you will be preparing Italian classics with a twist for a over 150 covers during weekdays and Saturdays … ” – you get the picture.

Avoid adding Contact Details

Job boards can react badly to email addresses, web addresses and even telephone numbers in your adverts. This is particularly relevant for free job postings on Indeed and others. They want to track jobseeker behaviour and count the number of application clicks. Directing jobseekers away from the job board will work against this and you. Indeed diminishes an advert in search results if you include an email address or URL.

Your advert should read easily

Split your advert up with titled sections and bullet lists. It makes your job advert easier to read. Don’t forget that your advert isn’t being read word for word. Jobseekers scan it to find the information they need to qualify their interest. If you make it easy for them, you might get more job applications.

If your job board prefers plain text, use capitalised text for headers and a character of your choice for bullets. The best Applicant Tracking System will do this for you automatically.

Order of sections might be:

  • A summary of the job
  • A summary of the minimum / ideal criteria for applicants (education / skills / experience etc.)
  • Remuneration summary
  • About the employer
  • About the recruiting process (optional)

The titles for these sections could be:

  • The role of Chef
  • Skills and experienced required to become our Chef
  • Chef salary and benefits
  • About our restaurant
  • How we recruit for the role of Chef

By including the job title in some oft your section headings, you will also help to improve your advert’s ranking in search results.

Avoid dirty formatting

Avoid horrible formatting when copying from Microsoft Word. Job adverts look unprofessional when fonts, paragraph structures and colours change erratically. Again, the best Applicant Tracking Systems will manage this for you automatically. Alternatively, copy the text to a plain text editor like Notepad before uploading to your job board.

Job Analysis

Use a job analyser built on these and other useful rules. CVMinder ATS has one. It calculates a score, highlights areas for attention and gives remedial advice for each advert.

Among other measures, the CVMinder Job Advert Analyser reviews:

  • The structure of the job title
  • Job title discovery in the advert body
  • Whether attached documents might double up on information collection
  • Dirty formatting
  • The length of the advert
  • Sentence length
  • Use of headers and bullets

Want to know more?

CVMinder ATS is an award winning Applicant Tracking System. It manages recruitment from advertising thru on-boarding and is so simple to use. CVMinder ATS is low cost and perfect for employers in Care, Education, Hospitality and other markets.  It also helps you to get more job applications by helping you to optimise your adverts. If you want to know more, then please contact us for further details.

Post Jobs to Google for Jobs

Post Jobs for free on Google

When recruitment budgets are under pressure, it’s time to look at job advertising costs. Now you can post jobs for free on Google for Jobs.

Google for Jobs is the new kid on the block. It isn’t a job board and you can’t post jobs by hand. So why are we talking about it? Because this is Google and you need to use it. Read on to find out how to post jobs for free on Google for Jobs.

What is Google for Jobs?

It’s a mobile-friendly job search engine for everybody. It collects jobs from everywhere and gives jobseekers a convenient, simple job search. But, it isn’t a job board.

You can only deliver jobs to Google electronically. Each job must contain structured data and link to an application process. Regular job boards and the best Applicant Tracking Systems have an application process embedded within them. They register new jobseekers and collect personal information via application forms. So, Job boards and the best Applicant Tracking Systems can deliver jobs to Google for Jobs.

Can your website post jobs to Google?

Yes it can. Most will require some bespoke development. That can be costly, but you could develop the required structured data and a mobile-friendly application form. You’ll also need some additional processes. They tell Google when your job is live and when it has expired. If not, you’ll have to wait until Google finds and indexes your jobs. It might never find them! If it does, you’ll be posting jobs for free on Google and that’s a win.

Is Google for Jobs useful?

Definitely! Do a Google search for “care jobs’ or “teacher jobs”. Jobs offered via Google for Jobs should be obvious in the search results.  It’s no surprise that a Google search finds jobs on Google!

Job searches are fast, easy to use and location-aware. That means that jobseekers should find nearby jobs more quickly. It also lists lots of jobs. That’s because the subscription Job Boards are busy posting all of their customer jobs to Google for Jobs.

Post jobs for free on Google for Jobs
What if you rely upon free job postings?

It’s time to consider an ATS. The best Applicant Tracking Systems can post your job on Google for Jobs plus other great free options. But, even though this is Google we’re talking about, you can arguably get more applicants with Indeed

Not only that, a great ATS will also bring your whole recruitment process into the 21st Century. An Applicant Tracking System can save lots of time and lots of money.

Want to know more?

Our customers tell us that CVMinder ATS is the best Applicant Tracking System for employers in Care, education, Hospitality and other markets.

CVMinder ATS manages the whole recruitment process, from advertising thru shortlisting, interview, offer and on-boarding. It’s low cost, easy to use and comes with outstanding support for you and your applicants. It can also post jobs for free on Google for Jobs. Contact us now to find out more.

Get more job applications with better adverts

How to write job adverts that get more applications

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could receive more job applications from people with the right skills, experience and personal qualities? Unfortunately, many HR Heads and Recruiters complain after receiving too few applications or too many applications from the wrong people. The conversation often starts “Indeed just sends me rubbish …” or “Job boards are a waste of money …”

So what is going wrong? Is the job board deficient, your job unattractive, or could there be something wrong with our advert? You might be surprised to hear that in most cases, the advert is to blame.

In this short blog, well learn how to write job adverts that get more applications of the right quality.

There are so many reasons why the right candidate won’t see your job advert, or read it when they do. Reasons include:

  • Your job board selection
  • How old the advert is
  • The job title you are using
  • Salary issues like omitting it, or headlining the wrong amount.
  • Location issues
  • The ‘wall of text’ job description
  • The “you must have” type of advert
  • Whether you Optimise your Job adverts

Let’s take a quick look at how your job advert is discovered and how jobseekers read then qualify your job.

First up …

People don’t read your job advert!

Really? True.

Direct feedback from jobseekers confirms that most don’t read your job adverts in full unless they’re convinced they should. They scan it for clues for relevance, just like you do with CVs.

As an employability expert, I have presented CV advice to groups of jobseekers. I tell them that the CV they have been slaving over for 6 months isn’t read by recruiters. They look shocked and instinctively disagree. When I tell them how they scan and avoid reading adverts, they generally laugh with embarrassment.

You’re reading the opening paragraph of a CV … “I’m a lovely person who can work alone or as part of a …”, yawn! Skip to most recent job title. “Working from home, 2018 to present” Does it fit? No. Skip to previous job title. Does that fit? Skip to far history. Anything matching here? Nope. Reject!

You read sections of a CV if you believe there is sufficient reason to do that. So do jobseekers with our advert. Now we know that jobseekers do what you do. It’s just that they spend longer writing their CV than you do writing your advert.

Now let’s cover some of the other points, like how jobseekers discover your job in the fist place.

Finding your job

Jobseekers often start with an internet search engine like Google. They find job boards by using search terms like “admin jobs in surrey” or “care worker jobs”. Alternatively, they head straight for indeed or another well-known job board.

Each job board has its own method for showing the most relevant jobs to jobseekers. Each job board has its own special algorithm and that often considers advert age, job location, job title and the number of times a job title is mentioned in the advert.

So, if you have a “Care Worker” job, make sure that the job title is repeated several times in the advert body. That should improve its chances of appearing in search results.

Reviewing your job

Jobseekers scan adverts for critical information. Before they read anything in detail, they want to know:

  • What the job is
  • Location
  • Salary

If there’s a fit, they may look for the following:

  • Required skills, experience and education
  • Responsibilities

If interested, they will consider:

  • Organisation type
  • Size of organisation
  • Personal prospects

The first line of your advert should clearly state what the job is. Don’t waste a valuable opportunity to grab their attention by giving a history of your organisation and why it’s great employer.

Make sure you split sections up with titles and bullet points to make scanning your job easier.

What, where and salary

Most job boards prefer you to give the plain job title as the title of the advert. Indeed is just one job board that complains if you include other details like location and salary. Read why your jobs aren’t appearing on Indeed if you want to know more.

Your mission is to get basic information into your job advert near the top. “We are looking for a senior PHP Developer to join a team of 5 other developers in our Maidenhead office …” would be a good first sentence.

To supplement this, write a headed remuneration section, giving the salary and benefits. A headed section makes it easy to find.

Responsibilities and Requirements

As jobseekers go on to qualify your job, they want to know what type of work they will be doing. They may try to understand how it helps them with skills or career development and whether the work will be interesting enough.

Bring the job to life so that people can visualise it. Don’t make the mistake of only listing the qualifications, skills and experience you need.

Write something about the organisation, its ambition and the potential influence of the role. Think about the scale of the opportunity, the level of autonomy and the impact you’re expecting from your new employee.

When you do list responsibilities, it’s a bad idea to infill with basics like ‘Write good quality PHP code’. The best potential applicants can qualify out because the brief sounds too junior.

In Conclusion

You can get more job applications by writing better adverts. Just recognise that there is a science to writing them. Yes, it’s more work and you might not be able to fix any recruiting barriers like your location or salary. But, making your adverts easier to find could help you reach more jobseekers. Making them easier to scan could develop more interest and more job applications.

Want to know more?

Stuart Haddow is the Product Director for CVMinder ATS. He has been a Board Member of successful Software Companies, a Recruitment Business owner, delivered CV masterclasses to senior executives and advisory classes to jobseekers.

CVMinder ATS is an award winning Applicant Tracking System for employers. It comes with an Advert Analyser to help you get more job applications.

Contact us now if you would to know more about job advertising or our Applicant Tracking System.

Advertise on KentJobs automatically

Post jobs on KentJobs automatically

If you are Kent employer and you’re advertising vacancies,  KentJobs offers a good advertising option for the region. It’s part of the KM Media Group and they want to help jobseekers find a brilliant new job with you. As a publishing group they can also list vacancies in the KentJobs section of the Kent Messenger newspaper.

KentJobs or Jobs in Kent?

At the time of writing, KentJobs listed over 12,000 vacancies throughout Kent. That was over twice the number listed on Jobs in Kent (JIK Group). Vacancies in Construction and Building Services came high up the rankings for both job boards. But, KentJobs generally beats JIK across most sectors. That includes jobs in care and education.

If you are deciding between KentJobs or Jobs in Kent, compare the number of similar jobs on each. Healthy numbers can be a good indicator of a job board’s success in your market.

The number of job listing isn’t the only factor to consider. Try using Google to search for jobs just like the one you want to advertise. Search results can quickly guide jobseekers to a local job board. Discovering where jobseekers go can help you make a smart choice.

When we searched for “jobs in Kent”, CVLibrary appeared at the top of the list with its branded job board for Kent, KentJobs. Confusing! And one to watch.

Are there other advertising options?

Employers in Kent can find recruitment challenging. It’s a peninsula surrounded by sea and some areas feel quite remote. With easy access to London, North Kent must compete with London salaries whilst some coastal areas suffer a skills deficit ad some deprivation.

Getting the most from your recruitment budget is vital. Kent companies want the greatest advertising reach for the lowest cost. Thankfully, there are some fantastic free job advertising options that work.

Advertise jobs for free

More employers are turning to free advertising options before buying adverts on KentJobs and Jobs in Kent. Did you know that you can post jobs for free on GOV Find a Job, Indeed and Google for Jobs? The only downside is that it takes time to post jobs by hand.

To make recruiting easy, some employers use MultiPost products. MultiPost uploads your jobs to free and subscription job boards automatically. It saves lots of time as you avoid doing everything by hand. A good Applicant Tracking System should have a MultiPost module.

Mix up your job board choice

With more time to recruit ad a good MultiPost module, Kent employers can easily reduce their recruitment costs. Try advertising on free options at the touch of a button before spending on traditional advertising. KentJobs and Jobs in Kent are both great choices when you do choose to use them.

Want to know more?

CVMinder ATS makes recruiting fast, compliant and less costly. It also has a great MultiPost module so that you can advertise jobs on KentJobs automatically. It also posts your jobs on free advertising options, Jobs in Kent and lots of other job boards.

Contact us now to find out how much you could save on recruitment. Don’t forget to say that you’re based in Kent. Kent employers receive discounts on our products and services. We’re based in Kent too and we’re proud to support Kent business.

ATS Multipost Love Local Jobs

Post jobs to Love Local Jobs automatically

If your are based in Sussex and you’re advertising new vacancies, it’s hard to miss Love Local Jobs. It’s an award winning job board for the area and it’s used by some well known organisations.

Their mission is to provide local employers with a cost effective and proactive job board solution. Of course, they want to connect local employers with candidates. But, they also offer careers information, advice and some inspiration to jobseekers. They try to help people become more successful.

Post your jobs automatically

CVMinder ATS is an Applicant Tracking System. It posts jobs to your website, social media and some of the nation’s favourite jobs boards all at the same time. It saves oodles of time and all applicants are redirected to the same application process. Now CVMinder ATS includes Love Local Jobs, so you can spend less time posting there too.

CVMinder ATS takes care of all the posting rules for you fully automatically, so job posts become effortless. They always look great too. Then it helps you with shortlisting, interviews, offers and all the on-boarding so that you can save up to 90% of current admin time. CVMinder ATS makes recruiting fast, efficient and less costly.

Want to find out more?

CVMinder ATS is a low cost Applicant Tracking System for employers. Contact us now to find out more about CVMinder ATS and how it makes recruiting easy.

Post jobs to Jobs in Hampshire

Post jobs to Jobs in Hampshire

The JIK Group provides excellent job advertising options for employers across the South East. CVMinder ATS now integrates with Jobs in Hampshire in addition to all other JIK Job Boards, namely:

  • Jobs in Kent
  • Jobs in Essex
  • Jobs in Sussex
  • Jobs in Surrey
CVMinder ATS Multipost

CVMinder Multipost makes job posting quick and simple. It takes care of all posting rules and text formatting for you automatically so posting jobs to Jobs in Hampshire couldn’t be easier.

CVMinder multipost integrates with other job boards too. For employers in Kent, CVMinder can post jobs to KentJobs and Jobs in Kent. For employers in Sussex, post jobs to Jobs in Sussex and Love Local Jobs. There are local advertising options available throughout the South East.

In hospitality, CVMinder integrates with caterer.com and LeisureJobs. For schools and colleges, CVMinder uploads jobs to your AoC, eTeach and FEJobs accounts.

CVMinder also integrates with national job boards and can post jobs to CVLibrary Monster, Reed, TotalJobs and others.

Free Job advertising

Employers looking to lower job advertising costs should consider CVMinder ATS. It posts your adverts to free resources like Indeed, Google for Jobs and GOV Find a Job. With budgets under pressure, these are perfect for care providers, schools and colleges.

Automatic postings to the most popular job boards, ensures that CVMinder ATS remains the best Applicant Tracking System for employers across the UK.

Want to find out more?

Contact us to find out more about uploading of your vacancies to free and subscription job boards. CVMinder ATS is an award winning Applicant Tracking System. It manages the whole recruitment process from advertising, thru shortlisting, interviews, offers and on-boarding.

CVMinder ATS Multipost to eTeach

Post your jobs to eTeach automatically

CVMinder MultiPost integrates with another industry-leading job board. We’re delighted to announce that CVMinder ATS can post your jobs to eTeach automatically. It’s a great job board for education.

Set up your automatic posting rules or confirm eTeach job posts on an individual basis. Either way, posting jobs is so easy with CVMinder’s MutiPost feature.  It does all of the hard work for you. Simply write your advert and let CVMinder determine how best to post it to your eTeach account, including:

  • The automatic selection of Department, Subject and Job Category.
  • Removing any formatting imported from Microsoft Word, so that your advert looks just the way you want it to.

We would like to thank the eTeach technical team. Integrating CVMinder ATS with eTeach was supported by great people.

CVMinder ATS integrates with other job boards for education, including FEJobs and the AoC.  It also posts jobs to Indeed, GOV Find a Job and other free resources so that you get more applicants and a better choice of candidate. Our customers tell us that CVMinder ATS is the easiest Applicant Tracking System for education. It manages the whole recruitment process from advertising, thru shortlisting, interviews, employment offers and on-boarding.

Now CVMinder makes posting jobs to eTeach a breeze too. If you work for a School or College and you would like to know more, contact us now. It’s a great time to start reducing recruitment costs and improving outcomes.

Upload Jobs to Reed with CVMinder ATS Multipost

Post jobs on Reed with CVMinder ATS

With CVMinder ATS, you can post jobs on Reed, the UK’s number one job site.

This comes after successful integration of CVMinder ATS with other job boards, including caterer.com, TotalJobs, Indeed and FE Jobs.  Reed was chosen as an important addition for our UK users because it is one of the Nation’s favourites. CVMinder MultiPost supports the automated delivery of job adverts to customer job board accounts. Choosing the correct job category for each job board automatically makes job posting quick and easy.

Save time when posting jobs

Stuart Haddow, MD, is clear about the benefits of using CVMinder to post jobs on Reed. “Posting well-formatted adverts to a number of job boards simultaneously, reduces administration.” Setting up posting rules in CVMinder ensures a more efficient use of job board credits. Some job boards are better than others for certain types of vacancy.  Avoid wasting credits by placing vacancies on poorly performing job boards. CVMinder MultiPost rules can achieve just that. “Reed is a great addition because it’s popular for Care, Hospitality and other sectors”, says Stuart”

Want to know more?

CVMinder ATS manages recruitment from advertising thru shortlisting, interviews, employment offers and on-boarding. It’s an award winning Applicant Tracking System for employers.

If you’d like to know more about CVMinder MultiPost and how to post jobs on Reed please contact us for more information.

GDPR and 1-Click Apply

GDPR. Is this the end of 1-click apply?

Let’s discuss 1-click apply. We’ll check out the benefits, some disadvantages and why General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gets in the way.

What is “1-click apply”?

“1-click apply” has been offered by job boards such as The Caterer,  Indeed and TotalJobs. It allows jobseekers to submit job applications with a single click. Personal information, a  CV, covering letter and other documents are all packaged and delivered with ease.  It’s so easy that some jobseekers apply for too many jobs too quickly and without thought.

The perceived benefit of “1-click apply”

“1-click apply” promises frictionless job applications that are quick and convenient. That results in more job applications for employers and the evidence is certainly there to support it. The job boards and employers should be happy because everyone wants more job applications. But wait, is there a downside?

The downside of “1-click apply”

HR managers and internal recruiters suggest that “1-click apply” is responsible for a number of unforeseen issues:

  1. There are more irrelevant job applications. There’s no buffer to stop jobseekers looking before they leap. Those applications soak up valuable time.
  2. The best candidates can be hidden in a bigger pile of less useful applications. That’s not great when the market is so competitive.
  3. The proportion of interview no-shows seems to increase. Weaker up-front qualification by the jobseeker can result in poorer interest overall.
  4. What about compliance and GDPR?

1-click applications could be unintentionally reducing the average quality of job applications. They also shoot personal details across to other systems without consent!

GDPR, a “1-click apply” killer?

GDPR is here and it’s a game changer for the recruitment industry. Under GDPR rules, personal information must be secure and less easily distributed. Organisations receiving personal information will be subject to obligations such as:

  1. Supporting individual consent for holding and processing personal information for a specific purpose. Consent must be via a positive opt-in, not to be inferred from silence, pre-ticked boxes or inactivity.
  2. Informing applicants that personal data has been received.
  3. Offering access to personal information to validate lawfulness of any data processing.
  4. Supporting the right to be forgotten.

1-click apply passes personal data from a job board to the receiver’s ATS or email system. Up until GDPR came along, the applicant had no knowledge of the target system and no consents were captured in advance. Receiving systems could be home-grown, supplied by a vendor, living on an office server or hosted in the cloud. Receivers could be in any country and demonstrate varying levels of data security. Whoops!

1-click must change if it is to be GDPR compliant. Thankfully it has for some job boards. For example, Indeed released Indeed Apply. With it, your ATS can instruct Indeed to request necessary consent(s) from the applicant. Critically, applicants give consent before Indeed sends personal information to the ATS.

Indeed Apply is much more than that. It allows an ATS to give it questions that it should ask any applicant. Everything is completed on Indeed before being packaged for delivery to the ATS.


“1-click apply” seems like a good idea.  It decreases friction in the process and encourages more people to complete their applications. However, when made too easy, employers receive thoughtless applications and that spoils the potential gains.

We must also conclude that 1-click it isn’t GDPR compliant. However, adding one or two more clicks to gain the required ATS consent(s) and this does satisfy GDPR. 1-click must therefore morph into quick-click for most jobs boards. Perhaps they should take a lead from Indeed.

So how can we implement 1-click apply ?

You can’t. Potential fines for any GDPR breach are eye watering, so a “safety first” approach is the right approach:

  1. When receiving personal information, ensure that you’re receiving it in an ATS rather than an email system. Have your ATS gain consent(s) in advance of receiving personal information by any quick-click methods.
  2. Ensure each applicant can access and edit personal information in your ATS. Even if a job application came via quick-click methods, the applicant should have a way of accessing it.
  3. Your ATS should prevent the speculative distribution of personal information without the prior consent of the candidate. This point is directed at recruitment companies.

Raw “1-click apply” cannot survive GDPR. But, requesting additional consent(s) for pre-packaged applications is hardly inconvenient. Consider adding some application questions. Questions make applicants pause for a moment and that can reduce the number of irrelevant job applications. The more you ask, the fewer irrelevant applications you’ll receive.

Indeed resolved the GDPR / 1-click issue with the introduction of Indeed Apply. You can get low friction recruitment and full compliance so long as you have an ATS that works with it.

Want to know more?

If you’re looking for an ATS that works with Indeed Apply, check out the article ‘Get more applicants with Indeed Apply‘. CVMinder ATS can build complete application forms on Indeed Apply automatically.

If you you would like to review your recruitment approach and check it for GDPR compliance, then please contact us now. We’re here to help.